Our Father

October 27, 2014

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Dear Father

How often I forget what it means to call you by that name.  You are a king.  You are the wisest of counselors.  You are the mightiest warrior.  You are the most creative artist.  You are the wealthiest being.

And your Son, Jesus, is the only one worthy to call you his Father, to lay claim to all that you are.

But when He bent low and taught me to pray, He didn’t tell me to call you, “King” or “Great Sage” or “Boss.”  He said to say this:

‘Our Father.’

Right then, in that moment, Jesus welcomed his disciples and even me to become His sibling and a fellow heir of all of your great love.

All the world, all other religions and worldviews, and all of my old self tells me that I’m a slave and that I must earn my own way today.

But you offer me the unique gift of remaining childlike for the rest of my life, of staying young in my heart and thoughts, and always knowing my needs will be provided by Someone other than myself.

You welcome me into your house of grace and offer me your gifts of love and peace and life.  The only condition is my recognition that you give and I receive.  And this recognition is a gift from you to me.

So, I start this week as a young child in your house, knowing the pantry is full, the rooms are clean and ready, and you, my Father, have everything under control.  If storms roll in today, if the milk spills, if I fall and scrape my knee, I pray for grace to call for you to come and simply say with my big brother, Christ, ‘Our Father.’




The Heart of a Barren Woman


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