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Book People


I recently heard someone I otherwise respected note that it was  just not a big deal anymore for her to read Scripture every day.  She spoke of it like it was something she’d outgrown- like a two year old with baby food or a ten year old with Tinker Toys. “Quiet times were good for […]

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On Perfection


There was that time when baby three took  a rare nap and my hands were free and I sewed it up quick, a dress for my oldest.  It felt so good to to do something good.  I sewed the last stitch and  lifted up the dress and realized I’d done it all backwards, that I’d […]

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5 Ways to Starve the Vanity Monster


It’s no wonder they call it a vanity mirror. Does a mirror every do more for me than make me want to look more, change more, be a little more vain?  Since day one, Jesus has been working away inside of me to help me care less about the outside of me.  I really do […]

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When it Feels Hard to be a Christian


“It’s hard to be a Christian.”  He says it matter of fact-ly as he colors in pastels. “Why’s that?” “Because it’s so easy to be bad.”   “Oh sweet boy, you know it’s only people that know this one fact–that it’s so easy to be bad—it’s only those people that have hope at being a […]

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The Way to Make Things Turn Around


I could barely hear her on the other line.  There was an ocean between us, after all. But I heard her say it, heard her say that His love had always been bigger. When they’d lowered their two year old boy in the ground and when they’d had to flee to the States for safety […]

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The Word that Deserves Repeating


I do say too much too much. ‘Come on.’ ‘Come on.’ ‘Finish that problem.’  ‘Finish that problem’ ‘Pick up the Legos.’  ‘Pick up the Legos.’ ‘Let’s Go.’  ‘Let’s Go.’ ‘Get your shoes.’ ‘Get your shoes.’ ‘Are you listening?’ ‘Are you listening?’ How many times have I told them that I’d already told them? How many […]

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The Best Sugar Substitute


Some days I just have to close my eyes to all of the eye candy-the endless pictures and promos and posts and promises to have the life I’ve always wanted.  The Restoration Hardware home, the Gerber baby, the Gap model kids, the supermodel body. This world promises an all you can eat buffet but when […]

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And What If You Got Just What You’d Been Wanting


I’ve always wondered at those guys there in that boat.  They’d known the sea all their lives, smelled like fish from head to toe.  Fishing was life, fishing made their lives and there was no way to live without fish. At the end of long days, I can see Simon there at the end of […]

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How to Live a Longer Life


My boy sees the younger girls finally happy and distracted and he asks if he can have his turn and sit in my lap while we read.  I make it through a few pages and he slides down, says he’ll just sit next to me.  And he can feel what I know-that his legs are […]

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A Small Thing: Show Up


Once I walked that aisle and my tummy swelled and days turned into laundry lists, I somehow threw in the dirty towel of doing much of anything besides surviving.  Every now and again, I would surface between a birth and a pregnancy and think I could take on the world again, only to eventually crumble […]

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