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The Song that {Really} Never Ends


There are days where the vanity of this life can suffocate-the spinning and turning of the same ol’, same ol’. The up and down, the in and out, the pull out, the put away, the dirty it up, the clean it off.  Some days these feet hear the hum of the treadmill as I pass […]

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Because You Really Can Buy Happiness (and a Surprise)


They say that time is money.  And don’t I know it.  The minutes can slip through my fingers much faster than coins at the counter.  My bank account may be dwindling while all these doctor and dentist (!) and diaper bills keep rising.  But really, truly, it’s seconds not silver, it’s moments not money that […]

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If You Only Get One Grace Today


‘But of all Thy rich graces this grace, Lord, impart Take the veil from our faces, the vile from our heart.’ On a Monday when I wake bleary eyed with a sniffy nose and a head cold and a backache, I open my eyes to three of them standing there beside the bed.  We make […]

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How to Make Everything Easy Today


I’ve seen that button up in the store, that ‘easy’ button.  And it’s funny and clever ’cause all of us know that this life is anything but easy.  Jason and I talk about it-how this season can feel like war some days, how we’re always ‘on duty,’ never really feeling like we can rest. Jesus […]

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Why You Should Talk to Your Plants (And Everything Else)


The seeds in the dark ground are starting to come to life, we bend low to water them and watch the miracle and talk to them.  And in the little shoot of green, I can hear it if I listen-the way nature sings His praise.  And shouldn’t I too? We’re singing this song today-telling the […]

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Why You’ve Got be Careful


Our world is full of caution tape and safety precautions and hand sanitizer.  We’re all watching out for germs and cancer causers, on the lookout for disaster and danger.  I can worry all day about all there is to worry about.  But really, there is just one reason to be careful… Be very careful, therefore, […]

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When You’re Waiting…


When it feels like you’re calling out all the time and you wonder if He’s got time for you, if there will ever come a time when He’ll end all this waiting… ‘But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast […]

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A Small Thing: Pray for One


The numbers can get to you sometimes. The 6938 people groups still considered unreached by the gospel which means at least 2,878,502,000 individuals have never even had a chance to reject or accept Christ. The 3.5 million people that die every year from a water related disease. The 1.8 billion people that lack safe drinking water. […]

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What to Do With Yourself After Easter


On Easter Sunday we rise and sing, ‘Hear the Bells Ringing’ and the I see the ladies at the front mouth those four words, ‘…Just As He Said.’ Lump in my throat and I can hardly sing it. Wouldn’t I have been at the tomb too, looking for the living among the dead? My husband, […]

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Once You Catch Your Breath


I do forget it sometimes. -When I load 100 groceries on to the checkout counter and look up to read, ‘Express Lane: 15 Items or Less’ -When the potty emergency happens just as we’re walking into the church building on Easter Sunday -When I see every hour on the clock from midnight to six with […]

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