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Worse First


Ever since we first saw this house from the street, we knew we’d want to cut down those bushes.  But it would be September before we’d get out front and actually put a blade to the stubborn stalks.  Jason and our boy, now big enough to hold the cutters, and I, we all get on […]

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Why Everyday Should be Labor Day (for the Christian)


We wake to a strange sound this morning-quiet.  I roll over and can’t believe it’s only the two of us here, just Jason and me. When my parents took off from their own toil, they offered to come and pick up babies and kindergartners and work for us-to give us a day or two away. […]

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Why All Christian Women Should Vacuum


I’ve always thought us women were meant to fill up a space, to build a nest, and fill it with all sorts of things.    I’ve always thought it was our job to stack the cupboards and line the shelves and stuff the closets. But these days it’s clear that the real work is emptying […]

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If This Task Feels Beneath You


We drive down the road on a Saturday, through the area where mostly apartments rise to meet the skyline and I see the cans and the bottles and the plastic bags along the side of the road.  We’re on our way somewhere but the thought does cross my mind- ‘Should we stop and bend down […]

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The Way to Come to the End of Yourself


The pride of life can choke the life right out of me. It’s the silent killer.  It builds up in the heart walls like cholesterol but it can take years before it finally takes away my breath. And fear of this pride can slow me down and make me lazy: Don’t pray too much, you […]

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The Way to Get Over Yourself (and Get Joy)


‘I heard you weren’t feeling so well.  I just called to see how you were.  Tell me about it.  Is there anything I can do?’ We talk and I tell her all about it and she listens for a long time.  We talk and talk and finally talk together to God.  We pray long and […]

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If You Know Where You’ve Come From


In a world of self made {wo}men, do any of us know what the self is really made of?  In a world where everyone wants to know where you’ve come from, do any of us know from whom we’ve come? Is there such a thing as a self made anything? ‘A person cannot receive even […]

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When You’ve Messed It Up


We drive home after a full morning and all the messes I’ve made are sticking to me. How I wasn’t more intentional with the sweet lady who cuts the kids’ hair.  In all the times we’ve visited, have I ever even spoken Christ’s name to her? How I raised my voice and grew so stern […]

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The Way to Get It All Done Today


When I wake wanting the world to serve me, the day serves up to be nothing but one disappointment after another.  When I need the weather and the traffic and the kids’ attitudes to agree with me, almost every moment seems to be disagreeable. But when I wake and swallow these hard words, everything changes. […]

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A Small Thing: ‘I’m Sorry’


I never would’ve used the word to describe me…which probably means I should have. Defensive. Sounds so offensive, don’t you think? First year of marriage and after every argument, when we’d made it through the thick silence and slowly let go of some of the anger.  We’d talk it out.  We’d at least try.  We’d […]

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