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On Perfection


There was that time when baby three took  a rare nap and my hands were free and I sewed it up quick, a dress for my oldest.  It felt so good to to do something good.  I sewed the last stitch and  lifted up the dress and realized I’d done it all backwards, that I’d […]

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Because You Really Can Buy Happiness (and a Surprise)


They say that time is money.  And don’t I know it.  The minutes can slip through my fingers much faster than coins at the counter.  My bank account may be dwindling while all these doctor and dentist (!) and diaper bills keep rising.  But really, truly, it’s seconds not silver, it’s moments not money that […]

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Why You Should Talk to Your Plants (And Everything Else)


The seeds in the dark ground are starting to come to life, we bend low to water them and watch the miracle and talk to them.  And in the little shoot of green, I can hear it if I listen-the way nature sings His praise.  And shouldn’t I too? We’re singing this song today-telling the […]

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When You’re Waiting…


When it feels like you’re calling out all the time and you wonder if He’s got time for you, if there will ever come a time when He’ll end all this waiting… ‘But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast […]

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When You Don’t Know What to Say


I often find myself this way, tongue-tied, mind wandering-slipping in and out of concentration when I bow my head to pray.  Where do I start?  The impulse is to name all I need or let my thoughts wander through the events of the day or harbor on some injustice I feel I’ve suffered.  And before […]

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How to Get Everything You Want Today


The list is long for what would make today all that I want it to be. A clean house, a productive morning, cooperative children, clarity for future decisions, time to myself, a baby that will actually take a nap… With every tick of the clock, there is that checklist, the condition that would make that […]

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The Reason You Need to Be Brave Today


It was this fall that I read Jerry Bridges‘ words…that it’s more difficult to trust the Lord than it is to obey Him.  And at every turn in the road since those words, I’ve been finding myself turning back to the challenge: to believe.  Believe in His goodness, believe in His sovereignty, believe in His ability, […]

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The ‘Will’ to Write for Today


‘Who you become will be the cumulative result of the daily choices you make….You will become the product of what you choose to delight in and meditate upon.’  Randy Alcorn in Stand I wake, wondering what the Lord WILL do today.  And find Him here in the Psalms, asking me to commit the day’s WILL’s […]

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5 Small Ways to Find Light for the Path


This is the year of small things and Jason and I have again begun to read through Scripture. But there are days when the small thing of reading a small portion can seem like a burden or a ‘to do’ or a task that can just wait till tomorrow. But this year will only be […]

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The Best Handmade Gifts this Season


You might be hoping for a long scarf, maybe some new coasters or a scrumptious Christmas pie, but the best handmade gift was crafted a long time ago for you. This, THIS, “THIS is the DAY that the Lord has made, let us {me and you} rejoice in it.”  Psalm 118:24 Each hour, each minute, […]

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