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The Heart of a Barren Woman


I don’t pretend to know the sorrow of barrenness.  Early in our marriage, I miscarried and then spent a number of months wondering if I would be able to carry a baby to full term.  But that sorrow and worry was eventually replaced, for me. And so, I tread lightly on this subject, knowing that […]

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Because You Can’t Do It All


Another reminder for me as I think about Mother’s Day this year and still haven’t uploaded any photos for 2014…. As the sun sets on Mother’s Day, I open my email to read the  greeting from the photo printing company I use.  ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the Woman Who Does it All.’  They clearly don’t know […]

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What to Expect for Mother’s Day


I am longing to be here more in the days ahead, especially this month, as we think about motherhood.   Here is an edited re-post from a few years ago and I’m praying to remember it this year… My friend and I talk about it…how we should not expect breakfast in bed and flowers and […]

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A Small Thing: Play


We sat and talked about how her babies were no longer and she wondered how many years she really had still had with them, how much time was left.  Her oldest was already a teenager and she said it with tears brimming, ‘I hope I haven’t lost him.’ She told me how she used to […]

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A Little Explaining to Do


I really should explain.  I used to be here so frequently, almost daily, and almost always in the early morning.  But, if you are gracious enough to come by here often, you know I haven’t been keeping up this Fall.   As we’ve started officially homeschooling this Fall, the added responsibility of actually having to […]

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The Rest of the Story


When my boss sent pink flowers and ‘Congratulations!’ he wrote a little something more: ‘The Rest is History!’ And he knew this better than I, him with three grown children of his own. Everyone warns you but no one can really prepare for the way that these little ones can wear you right out.  What […]

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When the Toys are Too Important


She grabs the little yellow plastic character and dances it all around, singing her little song.  And he, previously busy with drawing, realizes she’s got his toy. And he reaches out to grab it back. She’s totally forgotten about that doll at the bottom of her box.  But for her younger sister, this old doll […]

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For the Dishonorable Moments-Conversation Helps for Mamas


You’re sorry?   For what? Come closer, I still can’t hear you. What’s that?  You stuck your tongue out at me?  (I’m pretending to be surprised after overhearing Daddy send you upstairs to apologize.) Hmmm, well, why in the world would you stick your tongue out at me after I’d turned around?  I would’ve liked […]

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The Thing that Could Finally Make Your Kids Happy


‘If I could, sweet girl, I would love to buy you this one thing.’ ‘What, Mama, what would you get me?’ ‘I would buy you contentment. Because that’s really the only thing that will finally make you happy with all these things.’ ‘What’s contentment?’ ‘It’s satisfaction, peace, a sweet place of rest. I could buy […]

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Why All Mamas Should Learn to Sew


I spent all afternoon on that dress, trying to fit the pieces together, tugging and stretching and pulling.  When I pulled it from the machine, all bunchy and gathered, I was sure I’d done it all wrong.  But she squealed and grabbed it and tugged it over her head all the same.  I pulled the […]

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