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Oh Boy, I Do Pray for You


Oh boy, could you really be my boy for all these years?  When the doctor said not to push, I just couldn’t help it and you rushed headlong into this world.  Your Daddy announced it loud and happy, ‘It’s a boy!’   I couldn’t believe it, could not believe it.  Hours later, I was still […]

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5 Gifts You Can’t Fit In a Box for Father’s Day


My husband’s a chemist.  He wears lab coats and safety glasses.  He has three neckties and in my opinion, that’s about two too many. All day, every day, he works under a hood with things that could seriously blow up at any minute.  Not exactly the place for a cute little calendar or picture frame. […]

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For all the Interruptions


There are seven of us sitting there, each with our laps full of babies and toddlers and there are nearly a dozen more who’ve sat there before now out running and swinging, finding sticks and picking wildflowers.  We sit and we talk, but never in a coherent manner.  In less than 30 minutes, there are […]

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Because You Know You Can’t Do It All


Don’t miss the free printable link at the bottom of this post! As the sun sets on Mother’s Day, I open my email to read the  greeting from the photo printing company I use.  ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the Woman Who Does it All.’  They clearly don’t know me very well.  Isn’t this the site […]

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Because God Even Created Math


I made this little coloring book a few years back-wanting to teach numbers to the kids through stories of Christ.  We recently printed off the book again and I was reminded of the gift of Scripture-how God’s Word can even teach math. I’m no professional artist, the pictures are simple but it’s His stories that […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Expect Too Much on Mother’s Day


My friend and I talk about it…how we shouldn’t expect breakfast in bed and flowers and everything to come up roses on Mother’s Day.   We talk about how we can set ourselves up for disappointment on a day that should be a celebration.  How we should instead spend the day thinking more about our […]

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A Prayer for Mother’s Day


Lord, give me first the heart of Anna, whether married or alone, with children or not, let me be found, day and night, in your house.  Replace my pining for more with an Anna heart that can say, “Whom have I in heaven but YOU?  And earth has nothing I desire besides you.“ For the […]

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How to Find the Highest Paying Job for Women


‘Wait Mommy!’ he calls from behind.  I wonder what he thinks I’ve been doing all day.  Have I done anything but wait on him, on all these little ones? I remember the book my sister gave me in high school…Lady in Waiting.  If only I’d known then how much waiting there was to do. Waiting […]

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How Mother’s Day is for all of God’s Daughters


My daughter totes her baby doll and pushes her in the stroller.  I push my own stroller and wonder what dreams to give her for her future days as a mommy.  I want to promise hopes and dreams for marriage and lots of babies from her womb one day, but I hesitate. I wait to […]

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Why You Should Open Your Arms Wide Today


In this season of celebrating Mother’s Day, I sit and read with the kids about busy Jesus…busy healing and teaching and fixing the world. We read together how He was so busy, but not too busy to bend down and bless a bunch of busy kids. We bend our heads at the end of the […]

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