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The Heart of a Barren Woman


I don’t pretend to know the sorrow of barrenness.  Early in our marriage, I miscarried and then spent a number of months wondering if I would be able to carry a baby to full term.  But that sorrow and worry was eventually replaced, for me. And so, I tread lightly on this subject, knowing that […]

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5 Ways to Starve the Vanity Monster


It’s no wonder they call it a vanity mirror. Does a mirror every do more for me than make me want to look more, change more, be a little more vain?  Since day one, Jesus has been working away inside of me to help me care less about the outside of me.  I really do […]

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Because I Want What She Has


Lord, it’s your last commandment that I can’t pretend to keep.  This command proves to me my need of you, my need for your forgiveness and your righteousness that kept this great law in my stead. It’s ridiculous, really.  I sit and read your beautiful promises to me-that you’ll never leave me or forsake me, […]

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How to Find the Highest Paying Job for Women


‘Wait Mommy!’ he calls from behind.  I wonder what he thinks I’ve been doing all day.  Have I done anything but wait on him, on all these little ones? I remember the book my sister gave me in high school…Lady in Waiting.  If only I’d known then how much waiting there was to do. Waiting […]

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The Question Hanging Inside Your Closet


I can still see my 17 year old self standing before that closet full of clothes and trying on at least twenty shirts before school.  I remember the days of obsessing over my mirror image and working hard to find the one pair of jeans that made me look more attractive than I actually felt. […]

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What to Look for In a Man


I can still remember that first day I looked at you.   A boiling hot July day in Texas and you sat there, looking (unfortunately) a little less than interested.  I can remember watching you through those summer and fall days, looking at how you made friends and talked and quietly walked the halls, hands […]

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Getting Rid of It…Redeemed


Inspired by this friend’s adventure in cleaning out last year, and this ebook, I’ve been working to get rid of about 10 things every day.  Some days it’s less and some days it’s much more…but the goal is an average of 10 things.  Not sure how long I’ll do this, but I’ve been at it […]

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What Love’s Got to Do With It


We sat close and I stammered out Ephesians 1 in Greek…preparing for the final exam later that week. I looked up at him, eyes I didn’t know existed six months before, and he just said it, out loud, right there. ‘I love you.’ When I’d told Mom and Dad that I’d never get married, that […]

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The Question He Asks You When You Question


When I finally sit to make the week’s list, the paper fills up all too quickly.  I’m writing past the margins, in the corners, more to do’s than can possibly be done.  Simple Mom says to only list ten items for the day, but what can I do with the other twenty that should have […]

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The Best Beauty Treatment


The lights are bright above that big mirror and I look up, face wet with the morning’s water and soap.  And I can see my eyes changing, my skin changing, this whole face of mine changing.  I see the lines from the worn out days appearing and can’t help but feel surprised that this body […]

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