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Our Father


Dear Father How often I forget what it means to call you by that name.  You are a king.  You are the wisest of counselors.  You are the mightiest warrior.  You are the most creative artist.  You are the wealthiest being. And your Son, Jesus, is the only one worthy to call you his Father, […]

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Lord, It was good to read it again, that some of your first words were ‘Light!’ Not so for the rest of us down here.  Our first words are more like screams or whines, loud cries.  And when we can finally form our mouths just right, all we can do is call, ‘Momma’ or ‘Dadda’ […]

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How Things Can Be Looking Up in the New Year


Lord, It’s only Your grace that could turn the Earth on its own axis and pull the moon in tight.  What hand but Yours could tip us closer and further from the sun and not tip us right over?   It’s only mercy that keeps us all, fallen sinners here, standing upright on a spinning […]

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Freedom from Babble, Why We all Can Be Prayer-Full


In this age of information and endless access to word after word after word…I am always startled at Jesus’ economy of words, the way He spoke so few and yet meant so much, the way His five word answers left everyone else speechless.   And in my own days of feeling like all I do […]

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The Least You Can Do (Part 2)


Lord, I hang the clothes to dry and pray for them-the girls who were unknowingly sold into prostitution, the young kids enslaved to make bricks or sew on buttons.  I pray for those who only own a stitch. As we stack up hand me downs and fill up bins to store the pants that are […]

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The Least You Can Do


Lord, as I flip the pancakes and spoon the oatmeal this morning for kids that promise me they’re ‘starving,’ I pray for those sweet children who actually are.  Where are they now Lord?  The statistics say that 13 out of every 100 human beings is malnourished. And you know them all, all 854 million of […]

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A Confession for the Week (for the Weak)


There are weeks like this one, with nothing but question marks at the end of each day. What will his boss say? What will my new doctor say? Should we commit to this? Can we actually make it to Wednesday without bread or milk (or flour or fruit) and only 2 eggs? When things are […]

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5 Reasons to Get Quiet Today


I’ve got the mute button pressed on this computer, but sometimes, sitting here, all the updates and posts and news can blare so loud.  So many times I think that I need to be here reading or writing or working or that I need to be in the kitchen or the laundry room.  So many […]

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The Words that Can Undo You


There is just too much to be done in this world when everything seems to do nothing but come undone. And there’s just too much for me to do.   So much that needs so much. The weight of it all can make the covers feel too heavy to push back in the mornings.  It […]

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Why Bother to Pray? (and a printable)


That parable about the guy banging on the door at midnight has always bothered me.  Is God the man all cozy in his house hot and bothered by my incessant begging for bread at the most inconvenient hour?  But the story’s more about the beggar than the man inside.  The point Jesus was making was […]

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