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For the Know-It-All


It was after they brought him before the experts and asked him all those questions, after they approved the final draft of at least twenty, after they put those three letters behind his name-PhD.  It was after all of that that he said it… That the more and more he learned, the more and more […]

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How to Play the Prettiest Song (or Why You Should Turn off the TV)


The book came with a CD and Carolyn’s teacher said to listen to it everyday, to somehow listen for an hour. I scramble eggs to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ tapped out on the piano keys in a million different rhythms and the kids giggle.  We drive through the neighborhoods and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ accompanies the ride. […]

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What the Scarecrows are Telling You


It’s October and the scarecrows are hanging in the neighborhood again and our Bible reading plan has us in Jeremiah this month.  So, I’m remembering this post from last October… We sat there in those wing-back chairs, both wanting to be right.  I’d had this beautiful stone on my ring finger for two months.  We’d […]

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Small Things


David’s stone. Two copper coins. Moses’ rod. Bread and a few fish. A bottle of perfume. All these little people with such small things in such tiny moments of time.    Then, this big God with great love and giant plans makes history. With small things. One small thing offered up by one small person […]

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The Way to Make Things Turn Around


I could barely hear her on the other line.  There was an ocean between us, after all. But I heard her say it, heard her say that His love had always been bigger. When they’d lowered their two year old boy in the ground and when they’d had to flee to the States for safety […]

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The Christian Woman’s Four Letter Word


I don’t even want to say it. But I find myself apologizing for missing this and overlooking that and not writing as often here and forgetting her and oops, totally neglected that. And the last thing I want to type is this four letter word: B-U-S-Y Oh, I don’t want to be this. Wasn’t it […]

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How to Land Your Dream Job


It was sitting in that circle for Bible Study last week when we introduced ourselves and she said she’d been waiting for this year for so many years…waiting for God to open her womb, waiting to be home with a child.  And now?  She said it out loud, said she was ‘living the dream.’ I […]

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How to Keep Your Hand Out of the Cookie Jar


I really do try to keep these sweet and soft and oh so tempting treats out of our house.  Really, I do. I mean, we don’t even have a cookie jar. But every now and then, those buttery, chewy goodies find their way into our house. Last week, we piled up two dozen for a […]

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What We’re All Really Waiting For


I’ve had this pain in my side for months now.  And I’ve sat in more than a handful of waiting rooms.  I’ve waited for scans and screenings.  I’ve waited for experts with experience and they’ve all said the same thing: ‘Let’s just wait and see.’ I wish they’d just say it out loud: ‘Only God […]

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Why Everyday Should be Labor Day (for the Christian)


We wake to a strange sound this morning-quiet.  I roll over and can’t believe it’s only the two of us here, just Jason and me. When my parents took off from their own toil, they offered to come and pick up babies and kindergartners and work for us-to give us a day or two away. […]

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