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Everyday Relationships

For the Dishonorable Moments-Conversation Helps for Mamas


You’re sorry?   For what? Come closer, I still can’t hear you. What’s that?  You stuck your tongue out at me?  (I’m pretending to be surprised after overhearing Daddy send you upstairs to apologize.) Hmmm, well, why in the world would you stick your tongue out at me after I’d turned around?  I would’ve liked […]

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The Thing that Could Finally Make Your Kids Happy


‘If I could, sweet girl, I would love to buy you this one thing.’ ‘What, Mama, what would you get me?’ ‘I would buy you contentment. Because that’s really the only thing that will finally make you happy with all these things.’ ‘What’s contentment?’ ‘It’s satisfaction, peace, a sweet place of rest. I could buy […]

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5 House Rules that Welcome Christ to Rule


Ever since we walked across the first apartment’s threshold together, we’ve been trying to make sense of this place called, ‘home.’ We’ve known from the beginning that we don’t want this place to be known for what’s not done here, but more for what we do. So, we’ve tried to keep the list of rules […]

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What Could Happen When you Open Your Door


I sweep the floor and open the door just in time to welcome her in.  We hug and she tells me there’s lots to tell and I ask her to wait just a second while I check to make sure the toilet’s not disgusting.  The baby needs a new diaper, I need to brush my […]

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Why All Mamas Should Learn to Sew


I spent all afternoon on that dress, trying to fit the pieces together, tugging and stretching and pulling.  When I pulled it from the machine, all bunchy and gathered, I was sure I’d done it all wrong.  But she squealed and grabbed it and tugged it over her head all the same.  I pulled the […]

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If You Could Only Love More


“Both of you heard stories about someone who needed forgiveness-Saul and David.  But, who needs to be forgiven in our house?”  I ask it over Sunday lunch. ‘All of us,’ he said.  ‘Even Elaine.’ Jason and I exchange glances across the table because we know this is too true–we know that all of us, especially […]

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Oh Boy, I Do Pray for You


Oh boy, could you really be my boy for all these years?  When the doctor said not to push, I just couldn’t help it and you rushed headlong into this world.  Your Daddy announced it loud and happy, ‘It’s a boy!’   I couldn’t believe it, could not believe it.  Hours later, I was still […]

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The One Thing Daddy Needs This Year


There are days that pass when I forget to pray for him, forget to ask God to live in him fully, to abide in him, to change him fully into Christ’s likeness.  There are days that I can do nearly everything while thinking of him and yet neglect to do this one thing that he […]

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5 Gifts You Can’t Fit In a Box for Father’s Day


My husband’s a chemist.  He wears lab coats and safety glasses.  He has three neckties and in my opinion, that’s about two too many. All day, every day, he works under a hood with things that could seriously blow up at any minute.  Not exactly the place for a cute little calendar or picture frame. […]

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When You’re Wondering How to Say ‘Thank You’ on Father’s Day


Sometimes words fail me for all these Hallmark holidays.  The Father’s Day cards were simple when I was smaller and then in my twenties, I was able to write and recount some of my fondest memories.  But, as the years keep passing, I wonder, ‘Is this really all I have to say?  Is this the […]

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