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What the Scarecrows are Telling You


It’s October and the scarecrows are hanging in the neighborhood again and our Bible reading plan has us in Jeremiah this month.  So, I’m remembering this post from last October… We sat there in those wing-back chairs, both wanting to be right.  I’d had this beautiful stone on my ring finger for two months.  We’d […]

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A Small Thing: 5 Everyday Ways to Do Him Good


It’s wild to think that I thought the best way to get him to love me better was to pout or moan or hold back or shut down. Not sure where it says in Scripture to manipulate your husband into loving you more, to be passive and aggressive. It’s hard to believe that God’s Word […]

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5 Gifts You Can’t Fit In a Box for Father’s Day


My husband’s a chemist.  He wears lab coats and safety glasses.  He has three neckties and in my opinion, that’s about two too many. All day, every day, he works under a hood with things that could seriously blow up at any minute.  Not exactly the place for a cute little calendar or picture frame. […]

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How a Marriage Can Make Music


Has it already been seven complete trips around the sun with this ring on my finger and you by my side?  Seven years since we said, “I do,” and “Till death parts us,” and “For better or for worse.”  Seven years since our brother sang ‘Abide with Me’ and the two of us mysteriously became […]

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