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The Fastest Way Forward–Why Fasting is For Christ Followers


It was in my last year of college, my first year of really walking with Christ, that I tried it-tried fasting.  My mom had prayed I’d be like Esther that year and it was nearly Easter.  And so I prayed for grace to not eat a bite and only drink water for seven days.  (Don’t […]

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And a Wee Bit of Self Control


We all laugh about self control and the fact that we have so little.  But really, it’s no laughing matter.  I mean, who hasn’t cried and despaired and felt all alone because they just couldn’t get their emotions and appetites, their anger or their whatever under control?  I know I have. I’ve been feasting on […]

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The Song that {Really} Never Ends


There are days where the vanity of this life can suffocate-the spinning and turning of the same ol’, same ol’. The up and down, the in and out, the pull out, the put away, the dirty it up, the clean it off.  Some days these feet hear the hum of the treadmill as I pass […]

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Are You Doing the Most You Can Do Today?


When it’s just me here with the kids and I’m not doing anything more than bouncing babies and pushing swings, hardly more than reading books and playing Legos, little beyond sweeping and stacking, I can feel the threat of it.  When it’s quiet and it’s just me here, I can start to think that this […]

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Soap Scum…Redeemed


Last night, after the kids were all resting, I thought I should actually do a bit of cleaning since I purposed to do so over the long weekend and the long weekend was nearly long gone.  I finally brought myself to scrub our shower and then clean out our sink drains and Lions and Tigers […]

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5 Ways to Keep First Things First


I sort through the closet of photos on this holiday weekend and find it-the picture I made three years ago of magazine letters and doodles and these nine words…‘Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.’ I cut out those letters when God was shaping us in a very trying season-grad school and young […]

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Why You Should Sign Up for Summer School


After all those years of toiling in the lab and working and writing and sometimes writhing, my husband, the scientist, he wrote it on the front page of all those hundreds of pages. ‘Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.’  Psalm 111:2 As the sun lingers long on the horizon and […]

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The Way to Get It All Done Today


When I wake wanting the world to serve me, the day serves up to be nothing but one disappointment after another.  When I need the weather and the traffic and the kids’ attitudes to agree with me, almost every moment seems to be disagreeable. But when I wake and swallow these hard words, everything changes. […]

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A Small Thing…Two Words


I read Ann Voskamp’s  book last summer and promised myself I’d be more thankful.  I found a journal to make my list of ‘thanks’ and made a note for a few days.  But the journal got lost in the piles of workbooks and grocery lists and bills and I lost the resolution for thanksgiving. I […]

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What You Don’t Know Actually Can Hurt You


I’d never claim to be a know-it-all.  But aren’t I?  Fumbling through the day without asking for directions.  Me, here with maps all over the house, and yet refusing to pick one up and actually read it. To say I trust in Christ and then confess that I don’t read much of His Word or […]

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