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February 3, 2010

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My Children and their Loveys

It’s no secret that lots of young children have some form of a ‘security blanket,’ that they cling to when naptimes come, mealtime is delayed, and times get tough.  For some reason, both my children (not sure about the unborn one yet) have found a lovey that is more than just an occasional companion. Their loveys are their…EVERYTHING, occasionally substituted by a ‘DaDa’ or a ‘MaMa,’ a ball, a favorite play doh creation, or a toy car.  But, in general, everywhere that they go, the loveys go too.

My daughter, the oldest, chose a peculiar lovey, a lacey, linen pillow that my dear roommate from college gave her as an infant.  It started out looking like this:

The Beloved Pillow

My son was a bit more conventional and went for a soft blanket in his crib.  I’m a loser and I’m pretty sure I have no good pictures of my son’s blanket, now affectionately called, ‘DoDo.’  (that’s a long O, not ‘DooDoo’, that would be a gross name for a lovey)

Anyway, on to my point.  A year after my daughter took up the ‘everywhere that I go, my pillow goes too’ idea, her pillow looked like this:

The Pillow a Year Later

And now, a year later, the pillow is in shreds.  Friends look at my little one holding shreds of linen and what used to be pink ribbon and then look at me, ‘Really?  She really is still holding on to that thing?’

But, my son’s lovey, his is a blanket.  A strong, well sewn, fairly indestructible blanket.  And though I have no photos to prove it, his has survived his first year of wear and tear with little more than a few stains.

What Lovey Have I Chosen?

As I was washing my son’s blanket this week, and remarking at the way it washes up so nicely, I turned to see my daughter holding on to her shreds of linen and ribbon, and the thought occurred to me: ‘You’ve got to choose your lovey wisely.’

The truth is that all of us need a security blanket.  Right?  We’re all looking for someone/something that will never let us down.  From day one of life on earth, we all seem to know that we need something beyond ourselves to bring us the peace and comfort that hours of living can so easily steal away.  The question is not whether we’ll pick up a security blanket or lovey, the question is what kind of lovey we will choose.

Too often, I’ve opted for security blankets similar to my daughter’s pillow:

  1. My parents
  2. Money, possessions, or a simple feeling of having all I need financially speaking
  3. My husband or my children
  4. My own achievements or successes career-wise, church-wise, or family-wise
  5. Friendships

These are all great things, and so is (or was) my daughter’s pillow.  These are gifts from God that He may grant me during these days on earth.  But, these ‘pillows’ cannot stand the weight of my security needs. They can’t come with me everywhere, they can’t provide the ‘never let me down’ relationship I’m so desperate for.

Only One TRUE Security Blanket

You can see where this is going, I’m sure.  Today, as I look at my daughter and son comforting themselves with their individual loveys, I’m asking for clear vision and help to see what loveys I cling to when the world lets me down.

A little snuggle with my husband, a talk with my mom or sister, a feeling of satisfaction from a job well done…these are all wonderful things to enjoy when days are tough.  But, at the end of the day, if these are my only loveys, I will find myself clinging to a string of torn linen and ribbon.

You and I don’t need just any lovey, no matter how beautiful or appealing it may seem.  We need an eternally strong, all knowing, ever present security blanket.  One that can hold the weight of our EVERYDAY and stand the tests that the years will bring us.  For now, the string of linen and the blanket will do for my kiddos, but one day, they too will find that only Christ can afford to pay the price for the security our hearts seek.


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1 Nicole February 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I love finding Christian blogs, especially ones I can relate to. My one year old doesn’t really have a lovey, which is odd to me, but I love the parallel you presented. How true it is that we cling on to things that can never really fill that void that only God can fill! Thanks again :)

2 Katelyn October 16, 2013 at 6:11 am

My two year old daughter has a cheap stuffed puppy as her lovey, I don’t know how long he will make it! Thank you for this truth. We are in a huge transition right now having just moved, expecting our second child any day now, and with starting a farm. I have definitely been looking to loveys to help me through this time and they are not quite cutting it. I am thankful for a new day and this reminder to only look to Christ to supply my needs. Thank you!

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