Link-O-Wake Me Up When the Snow Melts Version

February 20, 2010

in Everyday Lessons

The sun has been out for a few days here and the snow is starting to melt.  So, I’m thinking of flowers blooming and challenged to love and live the gospel in ‘spring’ like ways.  Here are a few posts I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks.  Happy weekend.  Hope it’s warm in your ‘neck of the woods.’

Wake me Up When Winter Ends-this is a post from last February and as I noticed some buds on our cherry tree outside, I couldn’t help but think about how God grows our roots in the cold, dry seasons so that the fruit will be that much greater come springtime.

How to Make Your Work Last Forever-I’ve recently subscribed to this blog and find Ann’s writing to be inspirational and personal.  She writes very poetically but in a manner that’s approachable and understandable.  I have been thinking a great deal about the need to do all things with love and Ann’s account of her family’s circumstances teaches the lesson so beautifully.

Our Whole Life as Christians-this is a great quote about the fact that the Christian walk is one of a constant return to the gospel.  I love this picture of life with Jesus.

Husband and Wife-this is a great simple quote about what husbands and wives are created to do for one another through Christ.  The simplicity of the words has stuck with me through the past week though the message continues to challenge me.


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