But I Don’t Want to be Like Jesus

March 24, 2010

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Inspired by the book, Gospel Powered Parenting (more to come on this book in another post), I’ve been working harder to incorporate Gospel truths as I talk with my kiddos during the day.  The other day, a conversation between my 3 year old and I looked like this:

Me: You need to obey me in this situation.  God says that the best way for you is to obey mommy and daddy.

Her: But I don’t want to.

Me: Well, there were many things that were difficult for Jesus to do.  But, He was the perfect Son and is our example…and He obeyed His Father even when it was tough.

Her: But I don’t want to be like Jesus.

Me: Ummm, well, ummm.  Let’s pray about that.

In our home, conversations about Jesus have always been positive ones-stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible, the Big Picture Story Bible, etc. all depict Jesus as a worker of miracles, a lover of people, an example we all should want to follow.

And yet, when the stories were finished, the rubber hit the road, and following this Miracle Worker meant doing something she did not want to do, my little one honestly answered the way we all do, apart from the work of the Spirit–‘I really don’t want to follow Jesus after all.’

The Jesus of Suburbia

In our culture, Jesus has become a good man-someone who taught some interesting life lessons, kept Himself from immoral behavior, and helped a lot of people.  So, for most of us, even those who don’t claim to be Christians, living like this Jesus is something we should all strive toward.

However, a closer look at Jesus, His words, and His actions reveals a life that no one, honestly (apart from a supernatural work), would really want to live.

A Plan for Easter

As Palm Sunday and Easter approach in the next two weeks, I want to take some time here at Burning Bushes to remind myself (and hopefully you too if you’re willing to travel with me) of some of the aspects of Christ’s life that I often neglect to ponder, especially when I say that ‘I’m a follower of Jesus.’

Here are a few of the thoughts swimming in my head recently:

  • The LONELINESS of Jesus
  • The POVERTY of Jesus
  • The WEARINESS of Jesus
  • The PAIN of Jesus

Sounds like nothing but roses and daisies doesn’t it?  I know the titles seem bleak, but within each area, I’m also thinking of the way these pains have been and will be undone in the New Earth. So, hopefully the messages will end with hope.

I heard it said once, to say you are a follower of Jesus is the most radical and upside down thing you can claim. The statement came early on in my walk with Christ when church and Jesus seemed a natural part of everyday life.  However, the more I walk this road and the more I read and learn about Christ, the more I realize that being like Jesus requires a new birth, a miracle, it requires Jesus coming inside of me and living His life through me.

This Easter season I want to be challenged to see Jesus’ life more clearly, to rightly assess my life in light of His, and to be renewed to ask afresh for His power to want to be like Him.  I hope you’ll join me over the next few weeks.

What aspects of Christ’s life shock you the most as you seek to follow Him?


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