A Carb-Full Diet

March 21, 2011

in Personal Disciplines

I’ve talked before about some of my diet plans.  I’ve eaten only eggs and protein, eaten only fat free foods, and eaten only grapefruit.  The one food type diets always seemed to do nothing but make me crave all the other foods I was neglecting.

Last week, I took the kids on a quick trip to see my family.  I meant to bring a few of the books on my bookshelf and one new one on motherhood that I’d just checked out from the library.  But, in the end, distracted by packing for three little people, I ended up only packing my Bible.  And so, as my trip progressed and I found little snippets of time to rest or put my feet up, my Bible was the only book on the shelf to grab.

Through the week, I found myself entering into Moses’ story, wondering more about David’s thinking and swimming in Paul’s words in Romans.  With little time on the computer, few talks on the phone, and no other books to catch my attention, God’s Word was front and center.

I was reminded of the power of His Word and its sufficiency.  There is so much reading at my fingertips these days, that I often forget the fact that the truest story, the best story is also the oldest story. I guess at times I can assume that because I’ve already the Bible through a number of times, it’s now old hat.  I think that some email or blog post or book or article has more for me at this moment than those ancient words.  I forget that God’s Word is living and active…more alive than any person living now.  His Word is more relevant to me than any recent story or message.

Though Christ is Himself the Word and was certainly familiar with the Law…when He was hungry, He refused to be comforted with the food of the world.  He wanted the Word of God for His nourishment.

And if that was sufficient to satisfy His hunger, why do I so often search for encouragement and truth and communion in other words?  Books are not bad, of course, neither are tweets and texts and emails and blog posts (!).  And I can’t force myself (and possibly shouldn’t) to stop reading other sources of info.  But, this season of Lent, I’m seeking to pick up my Bible more throughout the day.   Of course in the early morning, but also before I check my email or grab a book or magazine, at mealtimes, before bedtime, whatever moments I get to myself.  I keep wanting my heart to be convinced the Scripture is a delight, but that is nigh to impossible if I’m not exposing my heart to its words consistently.

I’ve never heard of a diet that centers just on carbs.  But, it seemed to work for Christ-the Bread of God’s Word filled Him so full that He was able to resist the most promising temptations from Satan.

What are some ways you can let your eyes (and heart) feast on more of the Bible this week?


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