A Mother’s Day Prayer

May 10, 2011

in Mothering

Lord, give me first the heart of Anna, whether married or alone, with children or not, let me be found, day and night, in your house.  Replace my pining for more with an Anna heart that can say, Whom have I in heaven but YOU?  And earth has nothing I desire besides you. For the days when I feel strong and fulfilled and the days when I’m weak and alone, be my portion Lord and my unfailing heart strength.

Christ, teach me the lesson you taught Hannah, that my husband is worth more than ten sons.  May I make my husband second only to you.  Direct me, Lord, to put my husband first and serve and submit to him (rather than my children).

God, may all the children you give be to me as Judah was to Leah.  Teach me as you schooled Leah that children do not increase my worth.  Whether my hands are full or empty, let my mouth and my soul be full of praise to YOU-the One who fills everything in every way.

Lord, grant me the courage of Moses’ mom who slipped her beautiful boy into the bulrushes and watched him float into the river of your faithfulness.  Oh God, let me let go and trust that Your waters, no matter how frightening, are always good and grace-giving.

Father, give me the humble knees of Mary who knew motherhood would require great sacrifice.  When I’m proud or stubborn, bend me low with Mary and let me pray with her, ‘Behold, I am the servant of the Lord, may Your word be fulfilled.’

Christ would you grant me a Lois and Eunice heritage?  Teach me to be a teacher, lead me to be a leader and help me to be a helper. Oh Lord, save me from being like the Joshua generation who followed you but failed to teach their children Your ways.  Let me love you with my whole heart and grant my children and my children’s children a wholehearted devotion to you, one that even surpasses my own.

And Lord, when all seems lost or hopeless, when the world around or the voice within whispers this is impossible, visit me in my unbelief.  Quiet my faithless laughter and wipe my frightful tears with the words you spoke to Sarah, ‘Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Want to pray this prayer with me?  There are seven small prayers here, one for every day of the week.  To download and print your own copy of this prayer (free, of course), go here.


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