What the Waiting Can Do For You

December 5, 2011

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Only a few gifts have arrived wrapped in snowman paper and the kids are already begging to open them…yesterday.  The waiting is just too much for them. But we’ve made our paper chain and listed the days and we’re slowly counting down the days until we open up all that’s marked just for us.

And I do my own share of waiting, for doctor’s appointments and editor’s comments and clearer plans for the days ahead.

So, we sit and read this book, A Little at a Time, and remember how all of God’s good work is a patient toil…just a little at a time. And each day, I listen to this song, ‘The Lord of Patience.’  I’ve always known He commands patience but never before had to concentrate so much on His longsuffering toward me.

And perhaps this is why I’ve been slow to become slow to anger, slow to be anxious, slow to worry…because I haven’t waited long enough to celebrate the way He waits for me.

The sun rises later and sets sooner each day.  The days are dark.  But we wake this morning to light the candles and remember that even this darkness of quiet waiting is not dark to Him.

The presents He’s got for us will all be unwrapped soon, but perhaps some of the best gifts He gives are these times of quiet waiting, teaching us the way He’s always waiting for us.

The Lord of Patience

by Shai Linne (highly recommended album)

Heavenly Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus
It’s because of His righteousness that we pray You receive this
Lord, you’re holy, we shouldn’t even be in Your presence
Due to our sin, we don’t deserve the least of Your blessings
But through the cross and believing that Jesus is risen
Even the worst of sinners can be redeemed and forgiven
I’m living proof when I say this and these are truthful statements
You’re beautiful when displaying Your unusual patience
You take the blasphemous- pridefully stuck in our blindness
Instead of smashing us, decided to love us with kindness
Even with unbelievers facing Your terror, You slow up
Like when You waited patiently in the era of Noah
We know that with You, a day is just like a thousand years
So does that mean for every sin, You cry a thousand tears?
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience Our Sovereign God, You are
The Lord of Patience, yeah
Your wrath, Oh God, we deserve
Christ has taken, yeah

Gracious God, You are
Slow to anger, yeah
You’re Lord of patience and
You love us patiently

Lord, we worship You, we know that everything we owe You
And when we reflect on the time before we came to know You
How we were unbelievers committing tons of treason
We had a hundred reasons why we wouldn’t come to Jesus
But they were all excuses because our thoughts were useless
That’s what the dark produces, Father, You already knew this
We were foolish and clueless, just as ruthless as Judas
Who knew that You would choose to pursue us and move to woo us
So after waiting with patience as we would run from You
You activated our faith so that we would come to You
Your law exposed our sin so that we would know the danger
And take refuge in the Holy Savior who’s slow to anger
And as our teary eyes beheld the cross of our King
We understood the true meaning of long-suffering
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience

And now that we’re in Christ, the thing that is amazing to us
Is that You still continue to display Your patience to us
Through all our stumbles and falls and our idolatry
Through all our grumbling and all of our hypocrisy
Our self-righteousness, with brothers and sisters we’re hostile
Our unforgiveness- all because we’re just missing the gospel
We should be slow to anger, but Your Word- we’re slow to hear it
Oh Father, help us please! We truly need Your Holy Spirit!
He is the only Person who can shape this fruit within us
We praise the risen Savior who is able to present us
Without an ounce of blame, with zero doubt or shame
Lord Jesus, down You came from heaven to announce Your reign
In the hearts of Your people, and now we have the truth
And gladly choose to praise You for all of Your attributes
Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages
Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience


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