The One Word that Changes Everything

December 23, 2011

in Everyday Lessons

I’ve known Him as the God who creates us, the God who calls us, the One who should be praised by us.  I’m familiar with the God who can make demands of us.  And slowly I’ve come to terms with the God who directs us.  But I’ve found it most difficult to learn the one word that changes everything I know about this God.


He is God WITH Us.  The real gift of Christmas.  He is with us, right here among us.  And that changes everything.

Once He came to be with us, He changed mundane to monumental, everyday to extraordinary, and boring to beautiful. The kitchen is a cathedral.  The stairs are Jacob’s ladder.  The laundry piles are burning bushes. Every spot and every second can now be aflame with messages from God because He’s come to be with us in every one of these spots.

He is with us and if we’ll let Him wake us up to see Him, this Emmanuel will change our everyday and make Himself our everything.

Merry Christmas to you!  I’m so thankful that the God with us has given me this place to somehow, in some strange way, be with you this year.  This Christmas, prayers are lifted that all of us have eyes to see and ears to hear the God with us.


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1 Miranda December 23, 2011 at 10:35 am

Need these words today as I sit among boxes from moving and piles of laundry!! How quickly I forget His presence is with me in the messes too…Merry Christmas friend!

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