A Year of Burning Bushes-Remembering 2011

January 2, 2012

in Everyday Lessons

In 2011, God gave grace for me to write 177 posts.  Some were written in the rush of the morning, some in the dark and late hours and most during ‘rest time.’   All were written with a desire to chronicle these fleeting days and beg for grace to see Jesus more clearly.

In January, I was trying to find my way back to burning bushes and writing here regularly again.  Along the way, I prayed to learn the lesson of JOY and somehow found that joy belongs to Jesus.  My favorite post from that month is here.

February, the month I always dreaded in my single years and now wonder what all the Valentine fuss is about.  Among other things, I prayed through the month to learn more about marriage.  I was so thankful to remember all it can be and humbled to think on all that it can’t.  The best posts about marriage are here and here.

March was my ‘humble’ attempt to learn about humility.  In the middle of the month, the season of lent ensued and I wrote, ‘Don’t Give Up a Thing for Lent.’  That day brought more visits to Burning Bushes than any other and it remains the most popular post.

When I turned the calendar to April, I couldn’t help but think of death and I spent the month considering my own fears of losing this life in light of Christ’s death.  I re-posted this writing from 2009 which remains one of the most popular posts.  The Cross-the Intersection of Suffering and Victory

May flowers carried me down the path of motherhood, thinking and praying about the task and blessing before me.  I learned the most as God helped me write these posts here and here.

June was an attempt to write about mission.  The lack of posts perhaps reveal my lack of strength in that area.  And here, you can read some of the why.  The best post was here.

July was hot and somehow the month passed without a theme to carry it.  But my favorite post was born out of a lesson at Vacation Bible School.  You can read it here

August was the same-still hot and still no theme.  One of the great lessons of that month was remembering the evil of envy.

In September, I attempted to go back to school with Christ-reading the Gospels (did it), and the King’s Cross (finished it), and memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (still doing it).  This post came out of the Beatitudes and has taught me so much.

Somewhere in the middle of the year, I started writing about ‘5 things.’  Two of the best were published around Octoberhere and here.

In November, God gave us little Elaine and taught me more about gratitude.  He reminded me to laugh at the days ahead.

And just last month, there was grace to unwrap the grace of gifts and giving as we celebrated Christ, the unlikely present come as a poor baby to a young virgin.  Some of my presents were here and there.

And then the year had gone.  Just like that.  We’ve spun and turned and found that He’s brought us clear around the sun, again.  These days are surely like the fog on the cold road in the early winter mornings, so quick to come and even quicker to flee.

Oh Lord, teach us to number these days aright and count the graces that draw us to you and conform us to your Son.

For all the moments you’ve given to sit here with me in 2011 and watch these bushes burn, thank you!  And now we turn the calendar again and begin again and wonder again at what He will let us see of Himself in this next year.   If only we have eyes to see…


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1 Katie January 2, 2012 at 7:54 pm

So enjoyed growing with you this year Nicole, your posts are a blessing. My favorite was about valuing others by giving them more time to talk. Best in 2012!

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