The Reason You Need to Be Brave Today

January 23, 2012

in Psalms

It was this fall that I read Jerry Bridges‘ words…that it’s more difficult to trust the Lord than it is to obey Him.  And at every turn in the road since those words, I’ve been finding myself turning back to the challenge: to believe.  Believe in His goodness, believe in His sovereignty, believe in His ability, believe in His plans.

And to believe in His timing…

‘Wait for the Lord; BE STRONG AND LET YOUR HEART TAKE COURAGE; wait for the Lord!’  Psalm 27:14

This waiting on God is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage and strength to wait on His timing.  And He provides it.  He, the One who waited in silence all those years in Nazareth.  He, the One who waited for His enemies to come and arrest Him.  He, the One who waited silent and dead in the tomb those three days.  He, the One who now waits for all His children to call on His name.

He is the One who will give us the courage and strength to wait-to wait at the stoplight in traffic, to wait for the doctor to call, to wait for this difficult stage to pass, to wait for the job to be offered, to wait for Him to heal us from the past, to wait for Him to sanctify us from the sins that keep tripping us.

So, today, look to the Brave Savior and ask Him for more courage—courage to wait and trust.


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