Ways to Work at Marriage-A Book List

February 16, 2012

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To make this marriage work, we’ve got to keep working at this marriage.  As Tim Keller said, ‘Marriage is like a garden-you’ve got to tend it and prune it and care for it.’  This union is holy and mysterious and it just won’t work if we ignore it.  Here’s a list of books God’s used to work in our marriage thus far.  What books are you reading?

The Meaning of Marriage-this book is 5 star.  I’ve never read anyone that has such clear insight on the gospel’s centrality in marriage.  Seriously, if you’ve been married for years, just married, or wonder if you care at all about marriage, this book is worth the read.

Each for the Other-this book was recommended by our marriage counselor and I still find it full of good counsel.  Especially for me as a woman, it challenges me to be all God’s made me to be in this union.

Love & Respect-this book, though a little wordy is worth the read just for the concept….how love and respect energize one another.  His understanding of the cycles we spin ourselves into in marriage has been so helpful and challenging to me-and I often catch myself (or God catches me) and asks-will I be holy enough to step out of the cycle and bless him instead?

As for Me and My House-I love this book because of the author’s willingness to write plainly about his own marriage relationship and for the section on Forgiveness

This Momentary Marriage-This book is helpful especially because of its ultimate point-that marriage on earth is only preparation for marriage in eternity.  Piper’s words put marriage into perspective.

Sacred Marriage-The premise of this book can change the way you look at matrimony: the fact that marriage is more about making you holy than making you happy.  I can’t say I loved the book but learning that truth is a process I keep working through.



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1 Amy February 16, 2012 at 10:27 pm

That’s a good list. I liked Sacred Marriage okay, but I liked Sacred Influence a LOT. (more focused on the wife’s role in marriage).
Have you read that one?

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