How to Find the Highest Paying Job for Women

May 7, 2012

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‘Wait Mommy!’ he calls from behind.  I wonder what he thinks I’ve been doing all day.  Have I done anything but wait on him, on all these little ones?

I remember the book my sister gave me in high school…Lady in Waiting.  If only I’d known then how much waiting there was to do.

Waiting to graduate, waiting to find a college, waiting to go away, waiting to come home, waiting to pick a major, waiting to go overseas, and then waiting to come back again.  I had no idea it was this man named Jason I was waiting on for so many years.  But how did I fool myself into thinking that the waiting was over once I’d met him?  Isn’t that what the book said…’you wait and wait, with the patience of Ruth, and then the waiting’s done?’

Where’s the book that tells it straight–that the waiting’s only begun.

There was waiting for the job interview and then waiting for the + sign on that stick.  Waiting to find out why I was bleeding, waiting for the bleeding to stop, waiting to see if God would still let me bear children.  Is there an end to this list?  Waiting for the baby to grow inside me, waiting for her to finally show her face and now waiting and waiting with her each day as she grows and grows and grows.

Somehow I misread the job description for the life of a lady .  Or perhaps I just skimmed this section.  Where did it say plainly:

Needed: Woman who waits (patiently).

I don’t think this was the job I was looking for.  I seem to be more inclined to work with Eve–listening to the voice that’s loudest, grabbing and grasping for whatever’s in front of me, refusing to wait (even a minute) to ask ‘should I?’ or ‘is this really good for me?’  or ‘what do you think, God?’

Jason and I talk about it, how the math is all wrong-how more kids means more needs and more expenses and at the same time, less time and less ability to work.  The trick is, I just need a higher paying job-more money for less time.   

I hear the little one call, ‘Mommy, wait.  Hold you?’  I find a way to drop my load, slow down, and it finally hits me.  The highest paying job is right here.  I have it already.

I’m a wait-er.  How did I miss it before?  It may be missions or motherhood or ministry but it’s more.  I’m called to wait.

Those who wait patiently on God, get to see Him turn toward them.

Those who wait get to feel God’s compassion.  

Those who wait have the God in heaven work in unfathomable ways on their behalf.  

Those who wait on God get to be filled with His Spirit, the gift He promised to wait-ers.

Those who wait are those ones Christ will give eternal life.

What other job can pay benefits like these?

Who knew…that all along as we with Eve were complaining about the glass ceiling, there was all along a job for us with immeasurable potential?

This is not the job I was necessarily looking for all those years-but this is the job that’s necessary.  Could I sign my name to this?  It’s God’s job to work and it’s my job to wait and trust that the pay is high and forever and immeasurable.  That waiting on all this helps me to wait more on Him.  And this waiting gives me the best there is in this life-more of Him and less of me.  


60 Days of Prayer

We’re praying for Brazil today.  Would you join us and wait together to see what God will do in Brazil?


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