Whatever Way You Turn Today

May 17, 2012

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When you toss (or drag) your legs to the edge of the bed and stand to greet the morning, ‘God, thank you for legs that hold me and a new day full of mercy.’

When you turn on the tap and watch the water run, ‘God, thank you for this miracle of clean water.’

When your eyes greet that first set of eyes-your husband’s, your child’s, your co-workers, ‘God, thank you for this image of you, let me love them as you do.’


When you open the door, smell the spring air and feel the wind against your face,’God, thank you for seasons and sun and rain and the amazing way you keep this earth spinning.’

When you look to the clock to check the time,’God thank you for the limits of a day, the confines of an hour, the way you humble me when I run out of time.’

When you rinse the lettuce, cut the apple, slice the bread, ‘God, a seed!  You made this delicious from a tiny speck hidden down deep in the earth.  Thank you for daily bread.’

And when the floors are swept, the dishes are washing and you finally lay your head down again, ‘God, thank you for another day to thank you, to acknowledge you, to know you more.’


‘…In all your ways, acknowledge Him…’  Proverbs 3:5-7

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Pray for France today.


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