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June 1, 2012

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My little Elaine is trying to crawl and seems to have the same problem that Brennan did three years ago.  So, here’s an edited repost from 2009.

My baby is trying to crawl.  Get her on her belly, put a tempting, ready to be covered in drool, toy before her and she starts squirming.  She squeals and pushes and squeals some more. She fidgets and rocks and pushes and reaches. She’s moving alright…backwards.  She has the determination of a squirrel near a bird feeder and yet with all that movement, she always ends up farther away from the ‘nut’ than when she started.

I can live like this. Lots of movement, in the wrong direction.

Busyness does not necessitate fruitfulness, faithfulness, or diligence.  I know this all too well.  I’ve lived the seasons of running here and going there, meeting this person and joining with that group.  I’ve brought the kids to gym class and small group and play group, to the park and to the pool. I’ve read with them and counted with them and written with them. I know how to be busy but do I know how to be fruitful?

In the rush, I tend to forge out in my own strength each day.  We may or may not look put together but as time passes, the busyness wears on us and I find that my longsuffering is not so long, my love is not so blind, and my joy is not so enduring.  Eventually, the facade gives way and I lose it.  Unfortunately, I usually lose it with those that I love most.

All this movement has somehow moved me in the wrong direction.

Can I learn this? My life’s work is not shaped so much by what I do but how I do it. Who cares if I homeschool or unschool or public school if I don’t do it in love? What does it matter if we eat organic or preserved or fast or high fructose corn syrup if I don’t serve it up in love? What profit is it to learn to read and write and add if I’m not learning love?

Oh Lord, save me from this-from busy days that turn me in the wrong direction.  Turn me, Lord, instead toward YOU-love itself.  In you, through you, by you, let me not move a muscle unless I’m moving with love.

 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision {nor church volunteer work nor teaching your child to read nor getting that promotion at work nor feeding your family only organic foods} counts for anything, but only faith working through love.  Galatians 5:6

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For a rare peek into the Burke household, below is a little video of Elaine trying to get moving.  Please ignore the Tinkertoys and the sisters quarreling in the background! (If you’re reading this in a reader or by email, you may need to go to Burning Bushes to see the little clip.)

60 Days of Prayer

Would you move yourself in the right direction today by starting out with a prayer of love for Mozambique?


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