For all the Interruptions

May 30, 2012

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There are seven of us sitting there, each with our laps full of babies and toddlers and there are nearly a dozen more who’ve sat there before now out running and swinging, finding sticks and picking wildflowers.  We sit and we talk, but never in a coherent manner.  In less than 30 minutes, there are least 30 interruptions.  After Rebekah falls off the tricycle and Brennan hits his head and Elaine fusses for the third time and Carolyn needs encouragement to share the swing, I just have to laugh.

I’d just told them about Paul Miller’s book-about Jesus’ life of love that could so easily appear like a life of disruptions.

And when I got interrupted for the sixth time, I prayed for grace to believe it.

All the interruptions are really just invitations.

When Jesus noticed the bleeding woman’s touch, when he stopped and turned to the blind man calling his name, when he quit teaching when the lame man was lowered through the roof, when he stopped moving at the sound of the centurion’s request, when he answered the rich young ruler, when he was disrupted in prayer by the disciples’ calling for him to come and heal the crowds, in all these intrusions Jesus teaches that there really is no such thing.

If a life is lived to bring glory to God, to know God more, to enjoy God more fully, then won’t that life joyfully accept each moment that’s crafted lovingly by the hand of God?

When the baby cries and interrupts my sleep, when the fight breaks out and interrupts the quiet and order, when there are boo boos to kiss and diapers to change and Legos to separate and spilled milk to wipe up, Jesus is inviting me into His character.  The interruptions are little invitations.

Could I believe this and live this?  Could this chopped up, chaotic moment be nothing less than a continuous call to trust Christ, to praise Christ, to be conformed to Christ?  Is this the way to a one piece life?  Perhaps it’s not hours on end of quiet and order and structure that I need.  It’s Christ and His character.  And if Christ lived the disruptions and touches as God’s good will for Him, then perhaps I can, with Him, let these broken up pieces of my day become an unbroken invitation to peace.

60 Days of Prayer

Would you let each interruption today be an invitation?  When your plans are cut short or disrupted or seem altogether ruined, would you accept Christ’s invitation to look at Him and learn from Him and perhaps use the interruption as a wake up call to pray.  Let’s pray today for Mexico-our physical neighbor, with so much need.


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1 Amanda June 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

Hi there!
I don’t even remember how I found your blog, but I have been reading for several months now. I cannot even tell you how much I am encouraged and inspired every day by your words. The Lord is definitely using this blog for His purposes. It seems like your posts are meant just for me every time I come and read. I guess that happens when we are at the same stage of life. My little ones are 6,4,2, and 3 months so I completely relate to all that you write about. We are living in a new place, away from family, and so often I feel alone, and it’s so encouraging to come here and be spurred on towards the Lord. Thank you!!

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