Oh Boy, I Do Pray for You

July 2, 2012

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Oh boy, could you really be my boy for all these years?  When the doctor said not to push, I just couldn’t help it and you rushed headlong into this world.  Your Daddy announced it loud and happy,

‘It’s a boy!’  

I couldn’t believe it, could not believe it.  Hours later, I was still amazed that it was all over and you were already here. Daddy asked if I was disappointed, said I seemed quiet once I heard you were a boy.

How could I possibly be disappointed?  The silence wasn’t for lack of emotion but simply loss of words.  Had God really given us a boy?  You, pure boy, here in my arms?

Me, the one raised with only a sister and mostly girl cousins, the one who went to a women’s college, what do I know about raising a boy?

In the first year, I thought I’d pray you a David spirit: a heart after God, courage to slay giants.   David is a fine hero and that’s a noble prayer for sure.  But it was this year, this Spring in fact, just before you turned four, that I read 1 Samuel and found a new prayer for you.  

Oh Lord, would you give my boy what you gave to that boy of yours, Jonathan?

That boy, he fought uphill against the Philistines, he climbed high with his own hands and feet, only because he believed in you.  ‘Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, by many or by few‘  Oh Lord, make my son to know this: that this is the way to become big- to believe big things about You.  Let him never be dismayed by numbers or statistics or probabilities.  Let him trust You alone and go headlong where You lead, even if he has to go alone.

That boy, he loved people more than power and soul mates more than success.  Lord, would you make my boy like Jonathan, who loved David, easily his arch rival, and yet he loved him as he loved himself.  Would you give my boy strong love like that?

That boy, he let the things of this world slip through his fingers yet never loosened his tight grip on faith in you and love for your followers.  Lord, would you make my boy like Jonathan, who gave his robe, his tunic, his bow, his belt, happily handing it all to a friend?  Would you give this son of mine the open hands of Jonathan that can let goods and kindred go, even the shirt off his back, if you say so?

That boy, he kept his word to David, till the very end.  Lord, would you give my boy lips that only speak truth, that are slow to utter promises and faithful to keep them?  Would you make him a covenant keeper-loyal even to his own hurt-to you and all of those who are your friends?

That boy, he had holy emotions-fierce anger and grief over Saul’s unfounded jealousy, deep sorrow over his loss of David’s companionship.  Lord, would you teach my boy that real boys have real feelings?  Lord, keep his heart tender and his eyes unafraid to drop real tears.  Let my son grieve the things that grieve you, feel anger over the things that anger you, and never fear to really treasure the things you approve.

That boy, he dropped his weapons and held fast to his friend, because he was befriended by you.  Lord, let my son let go of all the things this world hands him to fight and let him fight instead with love.  Send him into darkness with your light, let him overcome evil with good.

Oh God, when I pray that my boy would be like the boy Jonathan, I know Jonathan was only this way because you showed him the way.  So, when I ask for you to make my son like Jonathan, I really pray you’d just make him like your Son.  Jesus knew that greatness was found in humility, that the way up is down, that the greatest must initially be the least, that those who will be first must first be last.

Give my boy your Spirit, Lord, and let him join you and Jonathan-happily last here and finally happy with you first for all eternity.

Oh boy, I sure do love you!  I can’t believe God’s let me hold you now for four whole years.  Boy how time does fly.  Wherever time takes us, boy, I pray you always take all of yourself to God and let Him take you wherever He wills.

Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving you, boy, not one thing.  




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1 emily c. July 2, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Beautiful and so encouraging for me to pray over my boy too. Thanks, Nicole.

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