The Least You Can Do (Part 2)

August 31, 2012

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Lord, I hang the clothes to dry and pray for them-the girls who were unknowingly sold into prostitution, the young kids enslaved to make bricks or sew on buttons.  I pray for those who only own a stitch.

As we stack up hand me downs and fill up bins to store the pants that are now too short, store this prayer in my heart, Lord.

Don’t let me be so frustrated by the laundry piles that I forget the little babies left naked, the young girls who are stripped of their dignity, and the millions of slaves who toil in rags.

As I fill the drawers today, Lord, I pray especially for the bodies stripped bare because of their confession of Christ as Lord, because they’ve clothed themselves with You.

The evangelist who’s shirt is taken as neighbors whip his back, the Christian who’s shoes are stolen before he’s made to stand on ice, anyone who’s lost a piece of clothing because they know Your peace.  

Lord, you took off your own outer garment in service just before you were stripped bare at Calvary.  You know this shame.

Would you help us to know it too-to pray and advocate and find out how we might put garments on these brothers and sisters who’ve lost theirs? 

‘I needed clothes and you clothed me…’  Matthew 25:36

Lord, I stop to pick up her medicine, ask him to blow his nose, and I pray for them-the ones who are sick. The children today who will die of diseases for which our world already has cures, the mothers who’ll not make it through childbirth, the daddies who are dying with HIV.

How many will pass this day from this world into the next and am I praying for their souls?

Oh Lord, instead of complaining about the long wait at the office or the expensive prescription, I say thank you and pray especially for those that are sick because they know the way you’ve healed them.

For those who the doctors won’t touch because they’ve touched you, those who’ve been beaten because they believe you were beaten for them, the ones who hurt because they let you bear the hurt of their sin.

I pray for them, help us know how to protect them.

‘…I was sick and you looked after me,…’  Matthew 25:36b

Lord, as we come and go as we please through these doors, I think of those who live behind only one door.

For those who took a wrong turn and chose the bad path and now find themselves at a dead end.  I pray for the men and women who are stuck in the cycle of committing crimes and imprisonment.

Does this country really hold more than 2 million souls behind bars?  Has China locked up more than 1 and a half million?

Would you somehow slide between the bars and let them know that you’re the real Door and everyone is invited to walk right through and home to you?  

I water the flowers and sweep the floor and rearrange the pantry and I feel so free here, but Lord don’t let me forget those who are imprisoned because they know true freedom in You.

My sister, Asia Bibi, imprisoned in Pakistan now for more than 3 years all because she told a co-worker in the field that You had set her free from sin.  And millions of others like her-now inside a dark locked place because You came into all their dark places.

As the gates close hard and loud on these souls each night, would you somehow make your way to them through missionaries and ministers and fellow prisoners?

Would you help me find my way behind those bars through prayer?  Lord, you know what it’s like to be captured and beaten and unfairly tried.  You know the shame and the pain and the torture better than anyone; let your followers know that You know.  

‘…I was in prison and you came to visit me.’  Matthew 25:36b

Oh Lord, in the face of all this need, our hands can feel so tied.  But how often I forfeit this one sure way to change the world, to better this place, to heal some of the hurt!  How slow I can be to pick up this one tool that is always powerful and strong and able.  

Oh Lord, when my hands feel tied, let me tie myself to You and pray.

Make me a woman that will at least do this-the least I can do for the least of these.

And let me watch with faith as You do just what You promised.

‘…pray continually,’  1 Thessalonians 5:17

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