A Small Thing: 5 Everyday Ways to Do Him Good

September 21, 2012

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It’s wild to think that I thought the best way to get him to love me better was to pout or moan or hold back or shut down. Not sure where it says in Scripture to manipulate your husband into loving you more, to be passive and aggressive.

It’s hard to believe that God’s Word is nothing but true until you try to follow your own words for so long and realize they’re nothing but false.

It’s no joke that his ways are higher than mine and when I finally humble myself to walk his way, I finally get what it is that I’ve been stubbornly striving for.

God’s is the way for marriage, the way to do him good and not harm. His ways walk right toward the cross, toward selfless love for another, toward foot washing and body healing and holy moments.

But the big long way is paved with tiny small stones. And these are just five small things we can do for him, to do him good.

1Find a Better Husband. The truth is, no matter how he loves you, his love will never be enough. There’s no way he can meet you there with all your needs and aches and wants. So, stop waiting for him to husband you the way you want and accept the perfect love from your first husband-Christ. Fill up here first-read His love, pray for help to receive his love and look for his love in all the small things of your day. Let Christ husband you first with his goodness-this is the best way to do your earthly husband good.

2Pray for Him. Is there a better gift? The prayers are hard-they’re invisible, can’t be counted. Prayers are small offerings, little stones that we lay in the road in faith that God hears and cares and will indeed answer. Pray when you make his bed or fix his lunch or pour his water. If you fold his clothes, pray then. Fill his dresser and his lunchbox, fill his plate and his side of the bed with small faith-full prayers.

3Thank Him. For grabbing the trash, for heading to work, for doing it again tomorrow, for praying over dinner, for hugging the kids, for sweeping the garage. Thank him. Again. For any small thing.

4Look at Him. When he comes home, walks through the door. Stop what you’re doing, whatever it is you’re doing, and look at him. This is a wonder. He’s come home. God has given you a man that’s come home to you again today. Look at him, meet him, tell him you love him and you’re so glad he’s home.

5Get Near to Him. However much you serve him, don’t neglect to touch him too. Perhaps it’s not true for all, but for so many, touch is the way husbands hear. Our ears need to hear words, their skin needs to feel touch. How often do you get near to him? Touch him? Make yourself available to him? Do it once more this week. Just a small thing-one more time together, one more moment to do him good.

These are all small things. I’m telling myself this. Little glances, a few ticks of the clock (well some of them). But really, a touch, a prayer, a glance, a word-these are small stones. But they do pile up. Minute after minute, day after day, the tiny pebbles pile up and pave the way right toward Christ. And nearness to Him is no small thing.

So, find your way to do him good today in all the small things.


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