How to Play the Prettiest Song (or Why You Should Turn off the TV)

October 5, 2012

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The book came with a CD and Carolyn’s teacher said to listen to it everyday, to somehow listen for an hour.

I scramble eggs to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ tapped out on the piano keys in a million different rhythms and the kids giggle.  We drive through the neighborhoods and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ accompanies the ride.  She sticks out her tongue sideways and tries to remember which direction little ‘d’ goes and ‘How I Wonder What You Are’ is in the air.

I have to admit that we don’t listen an hour a day.  But we do listen.

And a week later, when she stands on her stool and sits on the cushions and slides her little self up to that big instrument, she plays the rhythm.

I’m surprised.

She’s no Mozart, but the rhythm is in her and she rarely misses the beat.  Her little fingers have to stretch and tiny pinky hardly knows what to do with herself.

But the music eventually finds its way on to the keys.  It’s in her.  It’s in her.

And now I remember why my parents were more than a little interested in what music I was listening to in those teenage days.

There’s a reason why Suzuki wants its students to listen and listen and listen some more.

The songs we listen to are the ones we sing, the ones our lives play.  It’s just the way we were made.

Do we who call ourselves Christians get that?

Do we know that what we listen to, what we watch, what we set around us, that it sets into us?  Do we know that nothing just gets close to our skin…it gets under it?

Jason and I know this too well.  We’ve lived the years of little Scripture and little worship and little lives.

We know what happens when you listen and watch just about anything and everything and seem to have nothing and no time left to listen to God.

We’ve heard that song before and it’s no music to our ears.  

Faith comes by hearing.  Really?

Faith comes from hearing.

God uses the senses.  He made the senses and He relies on the senses to help us sense our way back to Him.  

Are we giving Him our senses?  Giving our hearing and sight and touch and taste to Him?  Are we surrounding ourselves with the sweet music of His Word?

I have to say that this is why we, as a family, say ‘no’ to so much of the media and entertainment, so much that we could listen to.

Not so much because there’s so much that’s bad, but because there’s so much that’s better.

If faith really comes from hearing, then I need these eardrums to be pounding nothing but God’s truth into my head all day.  My old man doesn’t need any song or image or suggestion that she’s still in control or still worth something.

Because I need Him every hour, every hour needs songs that draw me back to Him.

My fingers have ears and when it’s finally time to sit at the bench and perform, they’ll naturally play the songs they’ve heard in the quiet.

So, what does this look like practically?

We don’t own a television set.  Jason reads the BBC online and I occasionally scan the headlines online, and sometimes read World magazine, sometimes.  About once a month or so, the kids will watch a video on our little portable DVD player.  About once or twice a year (really!), Jason and I will watch a documentary or something (I think we watched one last Spring together).  We don’t typically do radio and no computer or video games, no phone games (we have simple little phones) and no iPad (we don’t have one!).   We do look things up on the internet and occasionally watch a Youtube about something we’re learning about.  The kids have Leapster Explorers that my parents bought them and we save these for travel or special occasions.

We don’t live this way because we’re super holy but because we long to be.  If Carolyn could sit and play, ‘Like a Diamond in the Sky’ with no stumbling, there’d be no reason to keep listening.

But she can’t, and we can’t.  Our lives don’t naturally play pretty music.

So what’s there left to listen to?

We read lots, lots of Bible, lots of good books, lots and lots and lots of library books.

We listen to lots of music-Seeds Family Worship is one of our favorites, along with Red Mountain Music, Indelible Grace, Sons of Korah and most recently, Rain for Roots.

We also listen to educational CDs for our homeschool tutorial and now, I guess, we’re listening to Suzuki’s Twinkle, Twinkle.

And lots of time, we keep it quiet.  Because it seems that God likes to come into the quiet.  Well, let me be honest, it’s never really quiet around here.  But, we try to keep it so that most of the noise is coming from within us instead of outside of us.

Hopefully, over time, as He fills our ears with more and more of His song, our lives will play out His lovely melody of redemption.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.  Romans 10:17


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1 Kandy October 5, 2012 at 8:52 pm

This one just had to be shared :)
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