How Things Can Be Looking Up in the New Year

January 4, 2014

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It’s only Your grace that could turn the Earth on its own axis and pull the moon in tight.  What hand but Yours could tip us closer and further from the sun and not tip us right over?   It’s only mercy that keeps us all, fallen sinners here, standing upright on a spinning sphere.  It’s your creative goodness that makes winds and waves and seasons and years obey You and serve your rebellious creatures.  It’s your faithfulness that gives me a chance to wake up to a new sunrise, a new month, an entirely new year.

But it can all escape me.  One nod of the head and I can just look the other way, down instead of up.  I see the cracked earth instead of the sky, the shadows instead of the sun, myself instead of Your self.

I get one chance at this new day, new month, new year.  And looking back, I know how I can blow it.  Not by looking backward or looking forward but refusing to look up.   When I don’t look for You, look to You, look for You, everything looks a mess.  The only way for this year to look different than last is if I spend each moment of the year looking Your way.

So, I close my eyes tight this morning and pray that You’ll open them wide to look up.


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