January 15, 2014

in Prayer


It was good to read it again, that some of your first words were ‘Light!’

Not so for the rest of us down here.  Our first words are more like screams or whines, loud cries.  And when we can finally form our mouths just right, all we can do is call, ‘Momma’ or ‘Dadda’ or the name of someone or something else we can see.

Not so with you.

You looked and saw what wasn’t.  You looked and saw not what you needed but what you imagined.  And somehow you got someone to write it down for you so I could read it…that you said, ‘Light!’

I told you this the other day when I read about the darkness and feeling the black of this winter solstice…I don’t want darkness in this house anymore.  No secrets, no hiding in dark corners, no deceit, no ‘now’s my chance while no ones looking.’  You said, ‘Light,’ but our old selves love the darkness, places where we pretend you can’t see and opportunities to do what we know we shouldn’t.

Would you do here in this inner space what you did back then in outer space?  Could you speak it loud and make it so, ‘Let there be light!’  Let this be a day where every thought and movement is right out there in the bright of day, seen for all it really is, exposing who we really are and waking us to our need for the source of all light-your only Son-the real light of this world.



‘Let there be…and it was so,’ this is the way it goes with you.  Your words change things, shape things, create things.  Your words can be our everything.  So please speak that powerful word of Light again, would you?  In our home, with my friends and neighbors, in your church, would you keep us all in the light and let us shine like those stars you first flung into space? Speak your word of Light and all this world will be right.

Thankful for the Light that shines in darkness,



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1 Emily Sharpe January 15, 2014 at 11:03 am

Nicole, it’s good to read your writing again! Thanks for helping me pause and meditate, even in these blurry busy days with newborns! Emily

2 Kandy January 16, 2014 at 6:19 pm

Nicole, I’ve been mulling over the Light myself lately. We sure hate exposure don’t we? But when we do come to His Light, we find we aren’t the ones in the spotlight. Quite amazing, huh? “So speak that powerful Word of Light again?” Good stuff. Thanks.

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