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April 30, 2014

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I recently heard someone I otherwise respected note that it was  just not a big deal anymore for her to read Scripture every day.  She spoke of it like it was something she’d outgrown- like a two year old with baby food or a ten year old with Tinker Toys.

“Quiet times were good for me when I was a new believer.  But me?    I’ve been walking with God for a while now.  I know His voice.  I can just be with Him throughout the day, it’s not such a formal thing anymore.”

But Scripture is never described as an infant inoculation, a basic grammar lesson, or a one time introductory class.

If it’s the Bible you read in the first place, then you must have noticed the way it described itself.  It’s food, it’s water, it’s a GPS, it’s a sword for a very long battle, it’s alive.

You can’t just leave alive things alone, you know.

To say that we’ve read all that, at least a few times through and now we’re moving on to just living it is an impossibility.

Do we eat only once a month?

Do we listen to the first cardinal direction on our navigation system and then shut the thing down?

Does the Marine lay down his weapon while crossing the battle line?

My soul is proud and my mind is haughty when I think that I can stay full and on the right path and prepared to fight without reading and thinking and remembering His Word.

If the word, ‘quiet time’ is old fashioned and bothers us, we’ve got to find another name for it.  But still, we’ve got to find time for it.  The Bible is  alive and gives life and those of us who long to know and follow Christ must long for help to spend more time with the words that point out a need for Him, reveal the perfection found in Him and tell us what to do now that He’s found us.

For more:

I’m so excited about John Piper’s new initiative Look at the Book

We’re reading through Eat this Book this year with our church.  There are five minute videos on each book of the Bible to get you started.


Let’s not put the book down this year, but be Book People who, by learning and meditating on the words of Christ, are conformed more and more into His likeness.


Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.  Romans 10:17



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