What to Expect for Mother’s Day

May 2, 2014

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I am longing to be here more in the days ahead, especially this month, as we think about motherhood.  

Here is an edited re-post from a few years ago and I’m praying to remember it this year…

My friend and I talk about it…how we should not expect breakfast in bed and flowers and everything to come up roses on Mother’s Day.   We talk about how we can set ourselves up for disappointment on a day made for celebrating.  We discuss wow we should instead spend the day thinking more about our mothers, about the women who have mothered us in the faith, about the women who long to be called, ‘mother’ but have yet to receive that title.

I come home to the chaos of this season…and lay the grilled cheese on the pan to fry.  Brennan’s making cars and Carolyn’s making dinosaurs, Rebekah’s making a mess and Elaine’s making noise.  I make the sandwiches, slice the cucumbers and pears and remember what it means to be a mother-

A mother is a giver who makes a way for these little ones.



The gift of mothering is just that: the gift of getting to mother, of getting to be a giver.  To give and give and give some more.  That is the gift.  Didn’t Paul quote the Lord Jesus saying it’s more blessed to give than to receive?

There is a gift I am certain I can’t do without, though.  It’s impossible to keep giving if I don’t get something from somewhere, from Someone.

And so instead of looking for roses, I’ll look for the One who wore the thorns, who gave more for me than I could ever give to Him.  

I’ll spend the day receiving from Christ and then pray for more grace to find the blessing in the giving, just as He did.


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