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February 14, 2009

in Everyday Lessons

This week hasn’t been my most active blog reading week.  But here are a few treasures I found for ya.

Your Heavenly Father Knows If you’re anything like me, then this whole being an adult thing is kinda scary.  This is a super sweet reminder about God as our Father.  It’s a great thing to share with your husband or just enjoy for yourself as you remember God’s incomparable provision for us as our Forever Father.

Think about Women in Afghanistan The last thing you probably want to do (when you’re sitting down to have a few moments of sanity at the computer) is think about women that are in uncomfortable or horrible situations.  But, we should.  And we should pray for them.  You know it, and I do too.  This is a short article about some of the hardships that women in Afghanistan face.  Just skim it and say a quick prayer for them.  You can do it.

No Complaining for 21 Days Well, my husband and I haven’t talked this one through yet.  But, I think it’s an amazing idea.  Especially after reading about women in Afghanistan.  Nothing like a little context to help me understand what’s worth a complaint.  I’m new at this blog but I’m liking it more and more.  This is one of his most popular posts.

A Physical Compost Pile If you followed me this week, you read about a compost pile for marriage and friendship.  Well, Simplemakes joined in the fun and pointed me to her own instructions on making a real compost pile…in an apartment, nonetheless.  If you want to get green, I thought you might enjoy this.


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