LinkO-The Tax Season Version

March 21, 2009

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Well, it’s Tax Season (yikes!) and so money is on my mind.  The links this week are all about money and some thoughts on how we as Christians should interact with money very differently than the rest of the world.

BTW-did you know that the Bible devotes twice as many verses to money (more than 2300) than to faith and prayer combined? -just a little tidbit from our favorite book on money.

My Greatest Need Read this quick quote before you do your taxes.  This is a striking truth that hits me square in the eyes when I begin to worry about finances.

Why Do We Need a Recession Anyway? While you cook or clean or do nothing, listen to this free down-loadable sermon (or read the transcript) to challenge your perspective on the recession and money.

Simplicity and Frugality Kiss This is a guest post on SimpleMom from a newly discovered blogger-Like Merchant Ships.  I love the simple ideas in this post and was encouraged to get back in the ring to fight for more simplicity and less stuff.

Get Ready for Generosity This is a post about a recent article noting some initiatives started by a few church ladies.  This idea gets my mind revving for ways that we can work together in our churches to encourage frugality and generosity during tight times.


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