I Only Have Two Hands

April 13, 2009

in Everyday Lessons

The spring flowers have called to mind a lesson God began teaching me this time last year-the reality that I only have two hands.

My little girl was discovering nature for the first time as we went on long strolls through the neighborhood.  I would pick up one or two wildflowers or twigs and lay them in front of her on the stroller tray. She would then hold them with her tiny little hands and examine them.

The dilemma occurred when I placed more than a few flowers or items before her.  She would sit there puzzled, both hands full, trying to decide whether or not to let go of her current treasure to grab the new one before her.

As I watched her from above, I felt God’s whisper in my ears, ‘You only have two hands, my child.’

Why Not 8 Arms?

In all my adult life and especially in this season of young children, I have wished I was an octopus. If I had 8 arms, surely life would be so much simpler.  But, alas, God only gave me two arms and hands with which to carry the weight of these days.  But still, I find myself with both hands full, trying to free one finger to grab a little something else.

  • I want to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord AND I want to have a lot of time to do other things besides read my Bible and pray
  • I want to have a great and flourishing marriage AND have lots of great girlfriends
  • I want well-behaved and excellent children AND I want them to always be happy and thinking I’m the best
  • I want to be diligent in caring and loving my extended family AND be hospitable and loving to my neighbors around me
  • I want to be successful at work AND have a spotless and well-organized home

Each day, I only have 2 hands and 24 hours. And just like my little girl began to realize in her stroller, I continue to find that picking up one thing must mean that I put something else down.

A Prayer for Open Hands

So, I’m praying this prayer this week. Pray it with me if you find yourself grabbing for more with both hands already full.

Lord, you alone have the wisdom I need in these full days of life.  You alone know what is the best way for me to spend these fleeting moments. As I make my to do lists, Lord, I pray you would give me discernment to know what duties should stay in my hands at this time and which ones should remain in the field before me.  Help me to release the responsibilities that are not for this season in life and grant me grace to have an open hand as you give and take away.

In the name of the One whose arms are always open to embrace me,



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1 Jenny April 13, 2009 at 9:08 am

Nicole, I needed to read this posting this morning. Thank you!

Love you!

2 Momma Mindy September 8, 2010 at 12:53 am

I just found this blog through searching for something on Bing. It was amazing. So many times during my life I said, “I wish every time I had another kid, I grew another arm.” I loved your spiritual insight on “two hands.” Thanks for posting.

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