UTurn-How is Your Mom Like Jesus?

May 7, 2009

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We started the U Turn a few weeks back, but I’ve neglected to ask you questions lately.

Mothers Provide a Hint

Since Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, I thought I’d ask a question about our moms. I love the verse in James that notes that ALL GOOD THINGS come from God and are a hint and shadow of His perfect love and provision.

And so, mothers, even ones who don’t profess Christ, provide hints of God’s goodness to us in their provision, love and protection.  Perhaps you didn’t have the best mom in the world, but I’m sure you can remember at least a few of the ways she provided a glimpse of God’s goodness for your eyes to see.

So, today’s question is:What is one way that your mother has shown you a little piece of Christ’s character?

I’ll Go First

In my 30 years, my mom has shown me Christ’s character through her selfless service.  Even yesterday, she asked me how she could be of help to me in this season.  Day after day, year after year, she has sought to help me, support me, and encourage me in ways that were of REAL COST to her own time, independence, and dreams.  Her sacrifice awakens me to the great sacrifice that Christ made through His coming to earth, living under our constraints, and giving Himself physically, emotionally, and in every way for our good.

A Challenge for You

Okay, your turn.  Can you inspire us by sharing at least one small way that your mother has reminded you of Jesus?

You guys are faithful readers, but not faithful commenters.  I love you, though, I really do.  But today, I’d love to have a record 20 comments for this post. Can you help me by sharing about your mom?  If your mom’s online, send her a link to your comment as an early Mother’s Day gift.

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