Pray for Rain, Bring an Umbrella

May 21, 2009

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Today’s post is from Amy.  If you’ve been following her story here at Burning Bushes, you know that she’s been walking a narrow road the past few years in a fierce fight with Leukemia. As her body works hard to rid itself of the cancer, Jesus is doctoring her spirit as well.  Read on to learn of her struggles to trust and believe, even in times of drought.

I’m not the Persistent Widow

I LOVE the post on the persistent widow. I love the reminder that prayer is bold, relentless, and important. I love that post because unlike her little girl, I have ALWAYS struggled with begging and pleading with my heavenly Father.

Praying for Rain

The little girl’s trust in ‘Dis, Dis, Dis‘ called to mind another trusting girl in a story my grandfather once told me.

‘There was a drought that had swept the farm lands of Midwestern plains. The crops weren’t surviving and it would only be a matter of time until the people began to severely suffer. So the minister of one of the local towns called all the people together to meet in the town square and pray, in faith, for rain. He also asked them to bring tokens of their faith to hold while they prayed. After an hour or so of prayer, the skies opened and heaven let forth a “gully washer” (a word my Pa Pa used to say).

The town’s people danced in joy holding up their trinkets:

  • Crosses
  • Bibles
  • Rosaries

And then one little girl held up her object of faith and everyone turned to look. She opened her umbrella.’

Where’s My Umbrella?

This story challenges me as I look up to heaven for rain in my own life.  During this time, I must admit that as I wait on God, it’s difficult to only cling to an umbrella-a sign of my trust that HE will answer and will work things out for my GOOD.

  • I often find it easier to hold my Bible than to cling to the promises in it
  • I find myself more comfortable sitting in my church than I do being still and knowing He is God
  • I have NO idea how this long struggle with cancer is going to end

I find faith difficult. I feel “faithless” a lot of the time. I know that FAITH is trusting in what we can’t see, but so often I want to turn to what’s tangible and physical for stability. I want a trinket to cling to in these times of drought.  But God tells me to carry my umbrella and expect that He’ll bring rain in DUE TIME.

Trinkets vs. Umbrellas

And the truth is that the trinkets of the world don’t REALLY offer me stability anyway.  It may offer something tangible, concrete, and physical.  Though that does “feel” more stable…it isn’t. The truth is that these things I can see that here are passing away.

Remembering that these physical things are just a shadow of the REAL stability that is found in Jesus keeps me clinging to my umbrella.

So, here I am, standing in my rain boots praying for a downpour. I am praying for the faith of the persistent widow. I pray for faith like a child. But mostly I pray for confidence in approaching God: KNOWING that if I ask anything according to His will, He WILL hear me.

Do You Have Your Umbrella?

What are you praying for? What are you clinging to as you wait on God to answer?

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