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May 28, 2009

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Have you ever traveled outside the country?  If so, you know how different the voltage can be when you try to plug your country’s electrics into that country’s outlets-(I should know I’ve fried a blow dryer and a straightener, pretending that the voltage difference didn’t matter).

Today’s post is from Kandy-a lady who’s spent many years in a country that wasn’t her ‘home’.  I know you’ve enjoyed her previous posts and today’s she provides a great challenge to seek Christ as the adapter that connects us to the incredible voltage available in the New Country.  Read on to consider whether or not you’re plugging in.

New Passports, Old Habits

Living in one culture and hailing from another can cause a lot of trouble.  I should know; I managed to mangle every Chinese cultural form in the first five years of my twenty years overseas. Initially, every time that I opened my mouth to speak, I found that middle school Spanish kept creeping into my vocabulary.  Because I couldn’t ask for directions, I spent countless hours searching for the perfect baking potato in a market devoted to rice.  From the words I spoke to the way I conducted myself, I didn’t act very Chinese.

We find ourselves in much the same predicament when we become Kingdom citizens, don’t we?  Our new passports show that we are children of the King, but our habits often revert into old patterns.  In order for the Life of Christ to be lived out within us, we must live like we are born of the Spirit, not of the flesh.

A New Kingdom Requires a New Voltage

Picture a voltage adapter, which keeps a high wattage outlet from frying your 110 voltage device.  Multi-pronged, it will work anywhere from England’s flat tri-pronged plugs to Kenya’s rounded dual plug.  A voltage adapter allows us to tap into energy wherever we are.

We, as people, were also created with dual voltage.

  • Born in the flesh, we must pull all our strength from whatever inner supply we can summons on our own.
  • But, when we discover that Christ is willing to enter into our spirits by faith, a whole new Power source becomes available to us.  Jesus is the adapter that reconnects us to God.

Christ is the Adapter Required

Plugged into Christ, we are energized with the Power Source that we were created for. He was bent and bruised into our shape to make a way for us to reunite with our Energy source. Abiding in Him grants us the abundance of happiness we were created for. In Christ, we are made to function in the way in which we were first created – in complete obedience to the Father. Once again, we can be in continual dependence upon Him for all our needs.

His presence in our lives connects our spirit in a constant flow – His Spirit to our spirit, moment by moment. Did you know that if the Spirit of God lives in you, then you are not in the flesh (Romans 8:9)?

In John 4:24, you read that “God is spirit.”  Since He is Spirit and since you have been born of the Spirit, you can relax into believing that Jesus’ life, the life of the new Kingdom and this somewhat foreign country, can live in you from the inside out.

Listen how Hannah Whitall Smith describes this change:

I have noticed that wherever there has been a faithful following of the Lord in a consecrated soul, several things have inevitably followed, sooner or later. 

  • Meekness and quietness of spirit become in time the characteristics of the daily life;
  • a submissive acceptance of the will of God, as it comes in the hourly events of each day;
  • pliability in the hands of God to do or to suffer all the good pleasure of His will;
  • sweetness under provocation;
  • calmness in the midst of turmoil and bustle;
  • yieldingness to the wishes of others,
  • and an insensibility to slights and affronts,
  • absence of worry or anxiety;
  • deliverance from care and fear:
  • all these, and many other similar graces are invariably found to be the natural outward development of that inward life which is hid with Christ in God.”

    It takes practice, but over time, you will find that His word inside You becomes as fluent as our native tongue. As You believe that what He has said is true, your entire way of life will change. Today, unplug yourself from your own fleshly power, and plug yourself into Christ. Believe that you are a being whose passport is now issued by God’s new Kingdom of redeemed saints from all over the world. Ask Him to remind you of that truth throughout your day.


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1 Kathy June 2, 2009 at 6:44 am

This was just what I needed today. First of all, having lived overseas for years, I deeply appreciate the analogy.

Mostly, though, the quote by Hannah Whitall Smith hit me hard. I was just struggling this afternoon with being hurt by a friend’s actions, when I found this post. As I have prayed about how to respond, I knew in my heart even before reading this that God’s desire for me was “an insensibility to slights and affronts”.

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