5 Ways to Say, ‘Happy Father’s Day’

June 19, 2009

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Well, Father’s Day is this Sunday-can you believe it?  Mother’s Day usually seems to be an easier holiday for me, probably because I’m a girl.

Let’s see, I’ve tried the homemade paperweight, that was a real winner.  Then there was the framed picture of yours truly.  Then, the shirts with horizontal stripes that were not all that flattering.  And of course, there was the fashionable tie.

The truth is that I’m not sure if I’ve ever really done that great of a job honoring my Dad (or my husband) on this special day.

U Turn

But, I’d like to change that, and I’d love for you to help me.  I’m looking for five ways to say, “Happy Father’s Day” in a way that would make these amazing men in my life feel respected and appreciated. Got any ideas?  I’d love to hear them.  You don’t have to have FIVE good ideas, even ONE would be great.  I’ll compile the list for us in the weekend post.

Remember, all comments posted this week makes you eligible for the Coloring Book Giveaway this weekend.  So, come on, tell me how to bless the men in my life.


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1 Erika June 19, 2009 at 7:01 am

I, too, have always struggled with this one and I’ve got FOUR to buy for. My husband installed electrical outlets on one of my dad’s boat, the labor was his Father’s Day gift and we’ve got him a card. Two of the dads got a gift certificate from Home Depot. What man doesn’t love a tool? LOL And my husband was given a bush axe because he’s clearing out the backyard and that would make his job alot easier. These aren’t great ideas but it’s what I could think of.

How about this for a great idea? Have everyone in the family write a list of all the things they are grateful to him for and give him that in card fashion? List all the many things he’s helped you with, all the great sayings and words of wisdom, any songs that remind you of him…you get the idea.

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2 Kim June 19, 2009 at 7:57 am

This is so tough, but when my church asked for Dad pics for a presentation on Father’s Day I sent off a sweet one of The Bird with her Daddy for it. Our church is real high-tech, so I know it will be a very moving presentation. I think if I had more time I’d make an i-movie of him with the kids set to his favorite music to show how much we adore him. I didn’t tell him I sent in the pic to church, so he will be surprised and touched!

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3 Angela Sweeny June 19, 2009 at 8:35 am

My husband is usually a big fan of me cooking him food… and he is really good about eating anything that I put in front of him… not just the “bad stuff”… he likes to eat pretty healthfully also. Anyway, I do cook for him on a regular basis, but I’m going to try to cook more of his favorites this weekend and make it a special day– it’s his first Father’s Day!

Also, I’m going to make a special “homemade” card for him “from his little girl”. She is 7 months old, so she might need a bit of “help” :) We like to do homemade cards with meaning for our special days because you can add more of your own personality and the things that are really meaningful… I am planning to do a search through some scripture to see what encouraging thoughts about the father-role my husband has might really uplift and encourage him in his pursuit of being a Godly father.

When it comes to “gifts”, I know that, for my husband and the way that we usually live life when it comes to these things… he would rather not “receive” a gift, but for us to decide together on what we need to purchase. We are really trying to reduce “stuff” just for the sake of having more “stuff” around… So, I already know that he would really like to get a hand-held bike pump… and I also know that he wants to shop around to find the best one (whether we find one at a thrift store or somewhere else). Anyway, for my husband, I know he will not receive his “gift” on the “day” or be expecting to, but we will be on the lookout for the item over the next few months.

I don’t know if any of my thoughts are original or not… but it comes down to this for me:

1. Do something that I know would really be considered special for my special guy. This, of course, involves really knowing the special dad in your life… and what he act of service he would consider meaningful and appreciate.

2. Be thoughtful and intentional about “saying” why he is special and giving him some thoughts from scripture to uplift and encourage him in his pursuit of being a godly dad.

3. Make sure to discuss with him if there is something he would be interested in purchasing that might make his life easier in some way. Again, this is in lieu of just “giving a gift” but is trying to really take into consideration what he might really want to receive in honor of this special day.

Thanks for the chance to comment. Hope I wasn’t too long winded. Looking forward to seeing others responses!

4 Krickledoo June 19, 2009 at 9:01 pm

I, like all of you, struggle with finding a great new idea each year. The best Father’s day gift I’ve ever given is a video, I loaded it onto facebook and tagged him in it. We live about 7,000 miles away from our GP’s so I had to get creative. I recorded some video chat of him doing pat-a-cake with our little one, recorded her around the house doing it, added some pictures of the two of them playing together and voila! He still tells me he watches it all the time. I think it will always be special to all of us.

If you’re like me, you not only give a Father’s day gift to your dad, but you also plan for your father-n-law and your husband. My favorite gift is the husband father’s day gift. I found a simple scrapbook and the year our daughter was born put my favorite picture of the two of them on the first page and then wrote him a letter, thanking him for being so wonderful. Every year, I simply add a new picture and letter. I can picture us sitting together on a front porch swing when we’re old looking through that book and remembering. Special, makes me smile just thinking about it.


5 Christy Head June 20, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Ways that you can say Happy Father’s Day……. 1) make his bed for him, 2) fix him a cup of coffee and prop his feet up, 3) take him to a movie or out to dinner, 3) have family make a home made father’s day card for him. Be crafty and use markers, crayons, glitter, anything. 4) buy him a gift without him knowing about it. I could give more but you said that we didn’t have to give a lot. So mabye that will help. I am from Athens Georgia and I hope this helps.

6 Lora June 22, 2009 at 3:18 pm

I typically get my dad something I think he’d like that he wouldn’t get for himself.
He likes music a lot, so year after year I generally just plump up his music selection.
This year, however, I bought him a good book. Otherwise, I listen to what people say they like or would enjoy and then try to buy in that vein.

Something like, “Oh I could really use a new… (insert item here)…” or “augh, my (insert item here) just broke.” or “Oh wow, I love this artist’s new cd!”

Voila – gift idea!

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