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July 18, 2009

in Everyday Lessons

This week a couple of posts have me thinking about everyday relationships-how important they are, how much we need them, and how messy they can sometimes be.

Risk in Love-this is a great post about how we can easily trick ourselves into self protection rather than reaching out in love to others (what we were made to do).

Help Yourself-a great quote about the one thing that we can’t get enough of.

A Cleaning Liturgy-great new-to-me blog about finding Jesus in everyday activities.  This post reminded me of the Everyday…Redeemed series here-thought you’d enjoy it.

Down and Dirty-sweet encouragement to let yourself be a kid again for the purpose of enjoying the people (and the kids) around you

Spend Money Before You Earn It-a practical post about being proactive with money, even money we didn’t expect to earn–and remembering to think of others in the process


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