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1 Michele Ball January 26, 2009 at 1:59 pm

Hi Nicole,
Wow, are we on the same vein or what? My husband and I were just talking about this restlessness. He and I have both moved around a lot and have been here in the area for 5 years. In September, this town will be the longest we have lived anywhere. I feel like the twitch is just around the corner. But I know it really isn’t.
The most prominent thing for me about Jesus’s short stay was the *intention and focus* with which he lived and died for that matter. There was a clarity and maybe an urgency ?
For me, this upcoming milestone of 6 big years tells me *Dig In!! Make some roots, girl!* And it reminds me of the Lord’s return-live today and embrace all the gifts and blessing sitting before me. Don’t put things off-have that conversation, invite that friend to tea, stop excusing everyone because ‘they’re busy’. I should be busy loving others and embracing the day! Don’t just hold my breath until the next move on the board….
Another great post! So, hey want to have tea sometime?

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