the Basics

Before you start walking through this garden of burning bushes with me, you might wonder what basic beliefs are behind all this blogging.  I was tempted to copy and paste from some official doctrinal statement or the Apostle’s Creed.  But, to keep it authentic, I thought I’d just quickly state the foundational truths to which I hold.

1. I believe that the world, the time and space which surrounds us, is authored by a Creative, Sovereign, Powerful, (many many more Supreme Being attributes) All Knowing God.  The current events of my life, your life, and the world’s numerous cultures are all contributing to One Great Story that God is telling.

2. I believe that the world is full of people, who like me, long for an intimate loving relationship with Someone who knows us fully and still loves us completely.  This complete knowledge and unending love, though possibly mirrored here on earth in some amazing relationships, is really only available through Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son.

3. Unfortunately, those same people who long for an out of this world relationship are again like me.  I, and the rest of the world, do things minute by minute that separate us from the only One who can love us and know us fully.  Every time we love God with less than 100% of our being and every time we love our neighbors with less than 100% of the love we have for ourselves…we prove that we’re not worthy of such a love from God.

4. Basic 1 gives me hope, basic 2 makes me excited but basic 3 scares me.  What now?  Basic 4!  I believe that Jesus has provided a way for us all to have the relationship we all long for, deep down, and yet do not deserve.  Through his perfect life on earth, his suffering on the cross, and his resurrection, Jesus secured immeasurable treasures for us.  He provided a sacrifice that was acceptable to God for all our failures and He replaced those failures with His perfect deeds.  He takes the fear of point 3 away-if we only call on Him and trust in Him to provide forgiveness and perfection for us.

5.  And the source of the above four basics and all other beliefs of mine are based on a vital trust-that the Bible is God’s Word.  I believe God inspired men to write the Bible and that for us in this day, it is the foundation, source, and plumb line for this walk.

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