Freedom from Babble, Why We all Can Be Prayer-Full


In this age of information and endless access to word after word after word…I am always startled at Jesus’ economy of words, the way He spoke so few and yet meant so much, the way His five word answers left everyone else speechless.   And in my own days of feeling like all I do […]

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A Small Thing: Play


We sat and talked about how her babies were no longer and she wondered how many years she really had still had with them, how much time was left.  Her oldest was already a teenager and she said it with tears brimming, ‘I hope I haven’t lost him.’ She told me how she used to […]

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Because Baby Steps are No Small Thing


‘Why don’t we say she’s so many months now?  Why did Elaine skip being twelve months?’ I tell my big girl that the days and the months add up and twelve whole months make one year. Is she really already one whole year? We put one candle in a cupcake and the little one’s in […]

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5 Ways to Starve the Vanity Monster


It’s no wonder they call it a vanity mirror. Does a mirror every do more for me than make me want to look more, change more, be a little more vain?  Since day one, Jesus has been working away inside of me to help me care less about the outside of me.  I really do […]

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A Little Explaining to Do


I really should explain.  I used to be here so frequently, almost daily, and almost always in the early morning.  But, if you are gracious enough to come by here often, you know I haven’t been keeping up this Fall.   As we’ve started officially homeschooling this Fall, the added responsibility of actually having to […]

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The Know-How for All Life’s Trials


These were the words he said he’d read over me as I struggled with the contractions and bent under the pain of all this mama work. ‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and the waves will not overcome you….’ ‘When you walk through the fire, you’ll not be burned, and […]

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How the Best Blessings are Hidden


Jason coughs and I say, ‘God bless you.’ He scoffs…’I think that’s only for sneezes.’ ‘Why pass up a reason to bless you?’ I ask.  He smirks and lets me be.  We’ve had this conversation before. … I stop at the red light and see the old man there, tattered shirt, selling ‘The Contributor.’  I’m […]

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Why It’s Okay to be a Small Thing


They signed their name and it was theirs, the first house they could call ‘home’, the one with the huge tree in front. Less than one week passed before they knew they’d need someone to come see about that towering hardwood. The tree expert showed up with all his equipment and gave them the bad […]

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When it Feels Hard to be a Christian


“It’s hard to be a Christian.”  He says it matter of fact-ly as he colors in pastels. “Why’s that?” “Because it’s so easy to be bad.”   “Oh sweet boy, you know it’s only people that know this one fact–that it’s so easy to be bad—it’s only those people that have hope at being a […]

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For the Know-It-All


It was after they brought him before the experts and asked him all those questions, after they approved the final draft of at least twenty, after they put those three letters behind his name-PhD.  It was after all of that that he said it… That the more and more he learned, the more and more […]

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